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Worthy Links: 22.08.14

Jenna Lyons Office at J.Crew HQ on Into the Gloss - via Savvy Home Blog

I’ve been having a REALLY good summer. It’s been all about pool days, flirty skirts, jalapeño margaritas (seriously — how did this delicious invention not make it’s way north of the border yet!?). I have to admit that when August came around,  I was NOT ready for Fall. I was fighting the cold weather front and the Fall wardrobes on Pinterest. I wanted nothing to do with them. And then this week, something changed. Maybe it started when I cooked up a carb-heavy feast on Tuesday night (it was a cauliflower, burrata and thyme spaghetti, in case you were curious); or maybe it was the hours spent obsessing over Forward’s fall looks or maybe it was finally pulling out my ankle boots from the back of my closet for dinner last night.

Suddenly, the thought of the impending Fall months didn’t seem so bad. I have a few exciting months ahead: kicking off with a trip to NYFW and a (quieter) week in the Hamptons followed by a week in Paris. Then, there’s Thanksgiving, weekends in the country, my birthday, the changing leaves… So finally, I’m ready for you Fall. But please don’t get here too quickly and give us a few more weeks of warm summer bliss.


I’m obsessed with the looks that Forward pulled together for Fall. I’m especially loving these French military pants, this cashmere crew sweater, these Chloe ankle boots and these print leggings.

You know I’ll be shopping for Fall footwear this weekend because shoes are up to 70% off on Shopbop! Currently considering these Rag & Bone booties and these Jeffrey Campbell cutouts.

My friend Rebecca introduced fabrics by the yard on her shop! This girl is seriously talented. I’m loving these painted coffee & blue stripes and these stone gray spots.

I died going through Chairish‘s beach inspired collection (obviously) — especially this round sea shell mirror, this highball pendant and this coral sculpture.


Anthropologie came out with a scrapwood wallpaper and it’s pretty amazing.

A beach house is priority, but a lake house would also be nice…

Elettra Wiedemann has a brand new website, and I’m a fan!

#Ihavethisthingwithfloors. And I’m not the only one.

Lust over Jenna Lyons office at J.Crew once more.

I’m kind of dying to splurge on this bag for Fall.

More and more reasons to love Montauk.

What’s your favorite part of summer?



Shop the Look: Breezy Sag Harbor Cottage

Mark and Blythe Harris's Sag Harbor Cottage designed by Elizabeth Cooper - on Savvy Home Blog

“Mark and I took a walk and found ourselves standing outside Steven Gambrel’s house, marveling at the architecture and his gorgeous wood floors. He spotted us, invited us in, and gave us the name of the woodworker who made them. Those floors transformed the house!”

Mark and Blythe Harris's Sag Harbor Cottage designed by Elizabeth Cooper - on Savvy Home Blog

Mark and Blythe Harris's Sag Harbor Cottage designed by Elizabeth Cooper - on Savvy Home Blog


Mark and Blythe Harris's Sag Harbor Cottage designed by Elizabeth Cooper - on Savvy Home Blog

Mark and Blythe Harris's Sag Harbor Cottage designed by Elizabeth Cooper - on Savvy Home Blog

Mark and Blythe Harris's Sag Harbor Cottage designed by Elizabeth Cooper - on Savvy Home Blog

Mark and Blythe Harris's Sag Harbor Cottage designed by Elizabeth Cooper - on Savvy Home Blog

If the moody tones, shiplap walls and bleached floors in this Sag Harbor cottage seem familiar, it might have something to do with Steven Gambrel. When you have a famed interior guru as a neighbor, you better dig for all the advice you can get. That’s exactly what Stella & Dot co-founder Blythe Harris and her husband Mark did when they ran into Gambrel during a neighborhood walk. With his few words of advice, and the help of interior designer Elizabeth Cooper, the couple were able to transform a century old Sag Harbor cottage into a breezy summertime escape.

The bleached pumpkin pine floors are overlaid with Madeline Weinrib striped cotton dhurries, the beds are layered with John Robshaw quilts and the rest is a mix of vintage industrial and nautical nods. In the children’s bedroom, the Katie Ridder Beetlecat wallpaper adds a touch of whimsy.

This breezy cottage is merely a summertime escape for this bi-coastal family — who divides its time between San Francisco and Sag Harbor. I say sign me up for their life immediately. I would like nothing more than to shop up a storm at Jed or MONC XIII and drink milkshakes at LT Burger on a weekly basis.


Images via Lonny.

72 Hours in the Hamptons: Part III

Stripes and Peonies Tortoise Sunglasses — 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog


Are you sick of hearing about the Hamptons yet? I swear this is the last one. Let’s pick up where we left off. On Sunday morning, if you’re feeling particularly energetic (or in need of a liver transplant — both can be equally powerful motivators) join a yoga session or beach workout at The Surf Lodge (make sure you stop by the Surf Bazaar to grab a lemlem tunic), then head to Ditch Plains for some fun in the sun and a well-deserved bite on the go at Turf, a mobile kitchen operating out of a revamped airstream.

Surf Bazaar


 Turf Montauk — 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

Around noon, when you resemble a cooked lobster and have sand in a few too many places, freshen up a little, hop in the car and head to East Hampton for some first class shopping. Make your wildest monogram dreams come true at The Monogram Shop, put a big dent in your wallet at Blue & Cream or Intermix and score some great deals at Steven Alan or J.Crew at the Beach (like a regular J.Crew, only better).

The Monogram Shop

Blue & Cream


Steven Alan

J.Crew At The Beach

Calypso St. Barth

Blue & Cream East Hampton — 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

After you’ve completely deflated your wallet, hop back in the car and drive to Sag Harbor for a mid-afternoon lunch at LT Burger or Muse in the Harbor. After lunch, make your way to the Holiday House Hamptons for some serious interior design eye candy. The $35 entry fee benefits the Breast Cancer Foundation so you can feel good about the hefty entry fee. When you exit the house, make a right and head to JED, filled to the brim with the most beautiful antiques. After that, make sure you stop by MONC XIII – probably one of the most beautiful home decor stores I’ve seen in— ever.

Muse in the Harbor

LT Burger

Holiday House Hamptons




Sunset Beach Shelter Island — 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

Make your way to the Shelter Island ferry and drive to Sunset Beach where an evening of gorgeous sunsets, beautiful food and even better looking people await. Stay as long as you can— the evening only gets better: ping pong matches, dance parties around the bond fire to the sounds of DJ Arman Nafeei are just a few of the highlights. As far as I’m concerned, Sunset Beach was the highlight of my week — don’t miss it.

Sunset Beach

 Moby's East Hampton — 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

As much as I tried, I couldn’t pack all my favorite addresses in this guide (for example, make sure you have dinner at Moby’s!) — head to my directory for the full list or read Part I and Part II.

Images via @stripesandpeonies, @theglamourai, @blueandcream, @heymelliemel, @mobysny

72 Hours in the Hamptons: Part II

Montauk morning on the beach - 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog


After a great night at the Surf Lodge (see 72 Hours in the Hamptons: Part I), time to go exploring. Grab a coffee at the No. 50 Café at the Montauk Beach House (where they serve Stumptown coffee) and make your way westward towards Southampton. First pit stop: the Serena & Lily Beach Market to start the day in the happiest way possible. Beyond their regular offerings, grab exclusive accessories, beach toys and artwork stemming from collaborations with local emerging artists.

Montauk Beach House

Serena & Lily

 Serena & Lily Beach Market - 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

Once you’ve worked out an appetite perusing S&L‘s every nook and cranny, stop by Pierre’s in Bridghampton for a quintessentially French petit déjeuner. Order a homemade lemonade and fresh croissants from their pâtisserie, en français s.v.p!

Make your way to the Hampton Designer Showhouse. Bask in the glory of this impeccably designed estate and chat with the designers on site. My favorite rooms this year were by Katie Leede and Henry & Co.


Hampton Designer Showhouse

 Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2014 - 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

After the showhouse, it’s time to put your credit card to good use. Head to Southampton’s Main Street and explore the shops, each more beautiful than the next — from straw hats and Rolex watches at Aerin to beautiful modern organic homewares and furniture at Homenature and Adrianna Shamaris and hand blocked textiles at Roberta Roller Rabbit. Stop by Club Monaco flagship store which features vintage homewares, Turkish rugs and Coqui Coqui candles.


Club Monaco

Adrianna Shamaris

Roberta Roller Rabbit




 Aerin Southampton - 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

By now, you’ll likely be hungry again. Stop for lunch at Sant Ambroeus or 75 Main. If you’re feeling particularly frivolous (and have made reservations in advance) you can also dine at Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton on your way back, one of the finest establishments the Hamptons have to offer.

Once you’re back in Montauk, take a change of scenery at Sloppy Tuna, Montauk’s only occeanfront bar. Show up in nothing fancier than a pair of Birks, destroyed cutoffs and a pair of aviators. Head up to the top floor terrace, order a Montauk Summer Ale and soak up the views.

Sant Ambroeus

75 Main

Topping Rose House

Sloppy Tuna

 Crow's Nest Montauk - 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

If you need to soak up the alcohol before hitting the next stop (or even if you don’t) — stop by 668 the Gig Shack for the most delicious tuna taquitos you have ever tasted. The lobster sliders served on a croissant aren’t bad either.

But don’t linger too much as you don’t want to miss the sunset at Crow’s Nest. It’s best to make dinner reservations in advance to have a guaranteed way in. The place in one those rare still magical spots in Montauk — part boho, part sophisticated. I’ve heard the place turns into a dance party on Saturdays, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

668 The Gig Shack

Crow’s Nest

Read Part I and stay tuned for Part III tomorrow.

Images via @surajstar, @aerin, @crowsnestmtk and my Instagram.

72 Hours in the Hamptons: Part I

Solid and Striped @akm36 on the beach - 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

There’s only a couple of weeks left of true summer in the Hamptons, so if you haven’t made your way there yet, it’s time to plan a little getaway! I often get asked where to stay, what to do and where to eat in the Hamptons.

Although I’m by no means a local, I think I’ve gathered a pretty good address book of Long Island’s East End over the years. You can credit my great memory for places (more than faces and names unfortunately) or my obsessiveness over always researching what’s happening when I travel. After spending four weekends in the Hamptons this summer, where’s how I recommend you make the most out of a weekend out east.

#Summerinabottle Wolffer Wine Stand Rosé - 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

FRIDAY: the arrival

Traffic is really bad on Fridays driving into the Hamptons, so hopefully you’ll have left the city early — or even better, taken StndAIR, lol jk (kind of). Check out their Comparative Analysis video, it cracked me up).

Either way, if you happen to be stuck in traffic around Bridgehampton on a Friday afternoon, make a pit stop at the Wölffer Wine Stand. From 5pm until sunset, you can sip on rosé (but not too much — you’re driving remember) and snack on delicious cheese platters while watching the sun set over the rolling vineyards. The local bands and family friendly atmosphere will instantly put you in a holiday mode. Make sure you hop into The Styleliner and browse through Joey Wölffer’s stacks of delightful boho treasures.

Wölffer Wine Stand

The Styleliner

 The Surf Lodge Montauk by Amy Stone - 72 Hours in the Hamptons on Savvy Home Blog

After sunset, it’s time to check into your hotel. I recommend staying in Montauk for the food and nightlife (favorite hotels below). For dinner, make reservations (in advance) at Byron Restaurant at The Surf Lodge — the food is delish and the dinner resservations will make you skip the long lines to get in to  Montauk’s most popular weekend destination. After dinner, dance the night away to the sounds of live bands or DJs on deck. If you’re still not ready for bed when the Lodge closes, you can always join a bond fire on the beach.

The Surf Lodge


Montauk Beach House

Montauk Yacht Club

The Crow’s Nest Inn

Check back tomorrow and Wednesday for Parts II and III of 72 hours in the Hamptons.

Images via @solidandstriped, @wolfferwine and @amy_stone.

Worthy Links: 15.10.14

Park and Cube's trip to Hillside Beach Club Turkey - on Savvy Home Blog

I got back from my vacation this week feeling even more exhausted than before I left. Naturally — as it always happens when I’m not allowing myself to take a break — I got sick. The sudden cold weather front didn’t help either. This was confusing to me: how could I get so tired while on vacation? I was supposed to be relaxing no?

This morning I stumbled upon this article in the New York Time on hitting the reset button on your brain and it hit me — I hadn’t taken a break at all. Every day while I was away I was spending at least 2-3 hours checking in on emails and social media. I was checking off places to go on my list: showhouses, decor shops, events… The worst part is that in the few moments I actually allowed myself to lounge by the pool and do nothing, I was completely restless. I needed to do something constructive: check more emails, get out and do more. Being constantly connected has left me unable to slow down and smell the flowers — do you ever feel this way?

Going forward, I’m going to actively stop feeling guilty for doing nothing (which happens never, let’s be honest). In fact, I’m going to start embracing disconnecting and doing nothing. This weekend I’m going to the country house for my mom’s birthday — and for the first time, my step-dad’s “no cell phone” policy doesn’t sound so bad. This weekend, I’m going to hit my own reset button. Have a good one!


J.Crew is offering an extra 30% off final sale styles with code SHOPSALE. Stock up on a white denim jacket, a lemlem scarf, a drawstring dress, a panama hat, a cute skirt or my favorite sandals this summer.

I got lost in AhaLife‘s home section. I’m loving this Indego Africa bowl, these Frescobol Carioca beach towels, this Alexandra Llewellyn backgammon board and their coffee table book collection.

Lance Wovens make some of my favorite pillows, all handwoven in classic Italian leather. Shop their sale on One Kings Lane!

I’m loving anything with jalapeño this summer. So this spicy watermelon salad is a must-try!

This adorable leather lined dress seems perfect for a smooth summer to fall transition.

7 dudes hilariously review of-the-moment stylish outfits.

Jenny Komenda’s new bathroom is pretty insane.

An entirely new reason to dress up for flights.

I want to go to Hillside Beach Club.

Not living in Brooklyn in 2014.

Assholes on a plane.


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