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Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Full disclosure: I’ve been wanting to write about this home for weeks! Maybe months. It’s actually haunting me, and I cannot get my mind off it. This three story home in South London is quite a mystery—a location available for rent for photoshoots, it seems straight out of a wonderful daydream. Color coded to perfection, it masterfully blends a casual air with ornate antiques, and stark modern pieces. We know nothing about the owners, save for the fact that they’re clearly artists—the third floor is proof—and have a discerning eye like few others.

Are they trained interior designers? Self taught? How long did it take them to amass such a wonderful collection of pieces that blend so well together? All I keep asking myself is: how?! How does such perfection exist? How can you own so many lime green furniture without it looking tacky? How do you make so many droopy plants look so effortlessly chic? How do you know to lay down matte herringbone floors next to lime green geometric tile, and keep the most gorgeous crown moldings, but make doorways ultra modern? HOW?!

If a lesson in layering exists in décor, this is it. Have you ever read Perfume by Patrick Süskind? The story is about a man called Grenouille born with an exceptional sense of smell, who becomes a legendary perfumer (he also becomes a murderer, but that’s beside the point). I feel like like the owners of this house are the Grenouille of décor. Like they can sense style like no other. I rarely say about a space that I would move-in and not change a single thing—but not only would I move into this place without changing anything—I don’t think I would ever get sick of it. Because even if piece by piece some items might not be my favorite, they all come together to form a wonderful whole. Love it? Hate it? Are you with me? Let me know!




Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Step Inside The Color Coded Home of Your Dreams

Photos: JJ Locations

One Room Challenge: Week 5

One Room Challenge Week 5

Oh hey, I’m alive! Okay—time for a reality check: turns out that moving into a new city (not just any city—the one that never sleeps), plus starting at a new office with a new team, AND decorating an entire apartment in six weeks, while trying to also maintain a blog, client projects, and a semblance of a social life might have been a tad overambitious on my part. Live and learn right? Let’s go over some of the progress from the past few weeks.



First, I went through 20 million iterations of my original design, because I’m pretty new at living in a space that’s essentially 300 sq. ft. (maybe more? maybe less… I don’t even want to find out). The original floor plan (while good on paper) just felt off. Something about the single lonesome chair squished in between my four poster bed and my breakfast barstools was literally keeping me up at night. I was even more troubled after interviewing a fabulous feng shui expert for MyDomaine, who essentially said the words—and I quote: “are you chronically single? Assess if you’re loading up your home with single imagery—a single vase, a single chair, a single person in a picture.” Arrrgh! Okay—I need a pair of chairs—with a bunch of baby chairs. I kid.



So reworked, and reworked the tiny floor plan in every iteration humanly possible, until I got the perfect layout with a pair of chairs! Alleluia! And it makes so much more sense! My dresser will now double as my bedside table—leaving just enough space across for a pair of chairs with a shared side table, and maybe a pouf (read: a pair of poufs)—because I found the most amazing leather ottomans on Etsy and I can’t get my mind off them. The only downside is that I have to give up my dream of being able to watch TV from both my bed and my lounge chairs. Dreams, as it turns out, are not that big in NYC—not when it comes to apartments anyway. The truth is, I haven’t had time to watch TV anyway. I don’t even own one! Problem solved.



Which brings us to problem no. 3: the windows. Unlike Monica and Rachel, I’m lucky not to have an ugly naked guy to look at outside my window. My apartment faces a large courtyard—and the neighbors on the other side are a safe distance away, but they’re there. I could probably count over a hundred windows to peek into if I wanted to—which means they can peek into my apartment. Eeek. And while I don’t love waking up in a blackout dark room (it’s hard enough to get out of bed as it is), I also don’t want people to be able to stare straight into my apartment. Mind you—I don’t know why they would. On the off chance that I’m home, I’m probably sleeping, or at my computer blogging. FUN! After digging through options, I finally found the perfect rolling shades that offer just enough opacity to give me peace of mind, while still letting the sunlight stream in. One brownie point for me! And peace of mind restored.



Problem No. 4: onto the next (and probably biggest) challenge—storage. This should come as no surprise that storage in a New York City studio is mediocre, at best. Which is why this TV stand/dresser from Blu Dot was the first piece of furniture I landed on. The best part: it has both drawers for clothing, and doors for storing everything else. The space under my bed now essentially doubles as my broom closet, sports locker, and part-time beauty station. And if I don’t get the time to exercise, at least I get a work out from lifting full suitcases up to the space above my closet. Let’s pause and note that these suitcases should be emptied and given to charity, because under no circumstance am I ever going to have the courage to drag them back down—no matter their content. So the only real solution here is called KonmariAnd it’s a work in progress.



Which brings us to week 5. In short, I tweaked the floor plan to perfection—and I’m slowly editing down my space with the help of Marie Kondo to make it 100% functional, but also elegant and inviting. The good news is—most important pieces have been ordered. Bad news (and I hate to break it to you)—it would be a miracle if I was ready to reveal in one week. So if you don’t get a full reveal at the end of this challenge, at least you’ll get a real raw perspective of what it’s live learning to live in a city like New York. And on that note: if you’re considering a move to the big apple—do it. It’s thrilling (and equally challenging) in more ways than you can imagine. On this happy note, peace out. Next week: A (maybe partial, maybe full) reveal!



Repair or replace marble bistro table

Order mirrors

Order dresser

Replace rug

Replace desk chair

Order new chairs

Order dreamy side table

Order leather poufs

Assemble bed

Hang sconces

Install rolling shades

Hang art + pick a few additional pieces

Replace existing lighting / Center pendant above the bed

Accessorize and style



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Gab Loves: No 238

Gab Loves: 5-4-16

I started planning my Memorial Day weekend over the weekend, so naturally all things beach related are on my mind right now. The essentials: a large frayed straw hat, a good portable speaker, reading material, and a killer pair of sunglasses. That’s all you need in life right?


Shop the Story

Super Santa Gel Sunglasses ($329) | Byredo Blanche Hair Perfume ($62) | Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarify Mask ($48) | Otis & Eleanor + Mashburn Bongo Portable Speaker ($150) | Paul Kalanithi When Breath Becomes Air ($25 $15) | Clare V. Ines Bag ($399) | Clyde Fringe Hat ($258) | ABCDNA Petal & Neon Pipin Table Linens ($24) | Loeffler Randall Piper High Wedge Sandal ($395) | Winden Jewelry Hear Stud Earrings ($65) | GUBI Beetle Lounge Chair (price on request) | ASOS Striped Dress ($41) | Lira Off Shoulder Dress ($495)

The Weekender: No. 240

Graham and Spencer

I majorly hit the reset button this weekend, after a action-packed week. This morning I woke up to a chill rainy day, so I took the opportunity to catch up on work, and organize my apartment. I slept, watched Netflix—it was exactly what I needed to recharge. The weekend didn’t go by without a few meals with friends—most notably Le Turtle, which might be my new favorite place in all of New York—décor-wise anyway. I coined it “nostalgia-chic” for its proficient use of squiggly neon signs, vertical blinds (yes, you read that right), and travertine everything (is travertine the new Carrara marble)? We went back to Narcissa—for dinner this time (with a cocktail stop at the Standard East beforehand). Today, I was in the mood for something more low-key, and my friend Amy knew just where to go—The Mermaid Inn nearby in the East Village was the perfect nautical-inspired spot to hunker down and wait for the rain to go away. The back room reminded me of the British pub in The Holiday, probably because they played the same song as in the movie as we walked in #moviemoment. Their happy hour snack specials was just a bonus.



I spent my weekend online shopping. J.Crew has an extra 30% off warm-weather styles, and I picked up the items below. I also discovered the magic of high-waisted pants, and I’m never going back! #thisis30

Also, not technically a sale, but a girlfriend told me about Rent The Runway Unlimited this weekend, and for $139 a month, you can get 3 pieces at a time, and keep them a long (or short as you want). I’m sold—especially after creating this wish list… Imagine the possibilities! Sign up here to get $20 off.



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