Inside a Whimsical London Townhouse

Inside the Whimsical London Townhouse of Caroline Sieber • on @SavvyHome

“I can dress myself—why wouldn’t I be able to decorate my own house? It’s meant to be fun, right?”

—Caroline Sieber


Inside the Whimsical London Townhouse of Caroline Sieber • on @SavvyHome

Inside the Whimsical London Townhouse of Caroline Sieber • on @SavvyHome

Inside the Whimsical London Townhouse of Caroline Sieber • on @SavvyHome

Inside the Whimsical London Townhouse of Caroline Sieber • on @SavvyHome

Hi all! I’m overjoyed to introduce a new face to Savvy Home today—my wonderful intern Christelle. A few weeks ago, Christelle reached out to me about wanting to help out at Savvy Home. By a total fluke, I received the email right after my first interview with MyDomaine, and I just knew it was meant to be. She’s been helping me out with social media, website updates and the like, but I want you all to get to know her better too! 

Christelle is a stylish, savvy, entrepreneurial gal and a notable wordsmith—in her day job, she’s a copywriter for SSense, one of my favorite shopping destinations! She’s kicking it off with a home tour which she coined as her “dream home… Only it’s in London”. One day, Christelle, one day!


What is more desirable than an English country house? Although I am not an expert, perhaps a nifty English Notting Hill townhouse such as the victorian property of fashion stylish and icon Caroline Sieber and her husband, Fritz von Westenholz.

With daring elegance, the interior of the couple’s London home takes life as an integrated mix of nineteenth century classicism with modern charm. Drawing inspiration from different sources, the design reconciles the respective Viennese and Anglo-saxon background of the couple, with a legacy antique taste that underlines Sieber’s fashion sensibility.

The lived-in decor takes place through a buoyant and busy, yet not overcharged setting arrangement. In the living areas, colour schemes are dominated with vibrant hues, each to their own room. In the living room, the disparate vintage furniture and colorful mural wallpaper makes a great contrast with the airy, white-based eat-in kitchen. In a water-blue palette, the fanciful dining room doubles as an imposing library where high-ceiling shelves and patterned textile accents catch the eye.

The unexpected component of the house is certainly the sleek, lacquered bathroom designed in contrasted massive marble, standing in opposition to the rest of the whimsical interior. On the top floor, the lady-like dressing room seems to have been taken straight from a Wes Anderson movie set with its peach-rose wall-to-wall shade and pale carpeting; and so does the pastel-tone study with its skylight roof and fresh disposed bouquets. Despite the eclecticism of the ensemble, you can sense a continuity through the careful attention paid to details: marble accents, riveted chairs, floral embellishments, ubiquitous lampshades and quirky fixtures.

This stylish house achieves an unlikely balance between style and heritage, through a feminine essence. Also, what a beautiful urban garden! What is your favorite room?



Photos: Oberto Gili for Vogue