Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home

Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

The apartment is layered with vintage Berber Moroccan rugs collected by Caroline Gayral, owner of Fragments in Paris—a shop known for its exquisite selection of preloved Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs. Over the restored 19th Century parquet, the colorful carpets add a worldly flair to an otherwise perfectly European home: marble fireplace, modern heirlooms, family antiques, and a discerning art collection.

It was after her daughter’s birth that Gayral and her husband transformed this period apartment into their family home, which may explain the touches of dusty pink throughout—offset by midcentury chairs in tan and burgundy leather, and touches of pitch black. The kitchen is a wonderful blend of muddy peach walls and glossy navy cabinets with patterned cement floors and glazed ceramic tiles. The bedroom is deceptively simple with only a Vertigo pendant lamp acting as a focal point showstopper. The result: a chic, layered Parisian home that’s not too feminine, but soft, family-friendly, and lived-in.



Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

Inside a Chic Layered 19th Century Parisian Home ± on @SavvyHome

Photos: Nuevo Estilo

  • Jessica

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    • Diane

      Thanks for the great tip Jessica!! loved what furnishr did with my home, definitely recommend them to everyone here!

  • Kaitlyn

    I love this home! I feel like this is a true representation of eclectic design. I never would have put these pieces together but they absolutely work!


  • Matt Atkinson

    Love this design, comprising classic and modern stylings. Beautifully blended colours and a wonderful atmosphere. At Fernwood Interiors we try and use the same fundamentals with our fitouts.

  • Joe

    Incredible design! I really enjoy the eclectic modern design. I’m thinking of redesigning my master bedroom this year and this is definitely inspiring to try. I found a great furniture set, although the wood is a bit darker, I think it may work. what do you think?

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  • brooke

    I love the neutral and blush tones, they create a very romantic feeling. Also the modern lighting juxtaposed to the gilt framed artwork.

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  • Jenna Crotty

    The living room is so busy but it works so well. I really like this place, it’s got so much personality. I’m inspired!

    • Jenna Crotty

      I’m actually keeping things calm and neutral in my living room (you can see it on my blog, but now that I see this, I’m thinking I might make it busier.

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  • Mai Thư Sử

    A combination of modern and classical ..very beautiful !!!

  • KMP Furniture Blog

    The parquet goes oh-so-well with the fireplace and the antiques around. I’m inspired by the superb color palette. Great work.

  • Keisha –

    I love the simplistic and clean aesthetic of your website and decor. So perfect!

  • Anthony Ortiz

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