One Room Challenge: Week 5

One Room Challenge Week 5

Oh hey, I’m alive! Okay—time for a reality check: turns out that moving into a new city (not just any city—the one that never sleeps), plus starting at a new office with a new team, AND decorating an entire apartment in six weeks, while trying to also maintain a blog, client projects, and a semblance of a social Read More

One Room Challenge: Week No. 2

One Room Challenge Spring 2016 Inspiration — Gabrielle Savoie

Time for an #ORC update! Full confession: I haven’t actually started ordering yet (eek), but I mostly know where I’m going—and it looks something along the lines of the design boards below. I’m basically using some existing furniture from my last apartment—my bed, bistro table and barstools, and infusing them with new accents and personality. You might remember from Read More

How to Decorate a Rental Studio in 6 Weeks—One Room Challenge: Week 1

One Room Challenge Spring 2016: Week 1

  Dear future me, Have we finally learned not to take on too much at once? Do we live in a fabulous studio in New York City? If you’ve answered yes to both those questions, it means the One Room Challenge was a success! If you follow Savvy Home, you already know that I moved Read More

One Room Challenge: The Reveal!

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

  It’s finally time for the reveal!! Remember Week 1? I highly suggest you go back to the before pictures for a minute, because we’ve come a long way. To recap, I moved in to a much smaller apartment, with a lot of ill-fitted furniture from my old place. The space needed an overhaul—and it got one! My Read More

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