August Moodboard: Summer Mode

August Moodboard: Summer Mode • on @SavvyHome

It’s been too long since I shared a monthly moodboard, but this week I felt particularly inspired. Things are in full-blown summer mode around here (despite the fact that I’m not traveling, I’m not on vacation and I’m working a ton). Since I can’t take the time off for a real vacation, the best I can do is  take days off here and there for weekend escapes and trust me, I’m taking full advantage of those. All I need in the summer are some ocean waves and a few rays of sunshine.

Bohemian, modern, nautical: this is how I would describe my style in three words if someone asked. Everything I’m pinning these days is black, white or any shade between azure blue and forest green. The vibe is Montauk beach house meets Coqui Coqui meets the Croatian Coast. Can you tell I’ve got travel on the brain?

I’m already starting to plan my winter trips (because one needs to escape the freezing tundra that has become the northeast). 2016 will be my winter of the three M’s: Miami, Mexico and Martinique. I’m spending Christmas in Florida again this year (with a few days in Miami to explore and see friends); then in February I’m off to Cancun and Tulum for a wedding… Finally in March we’re planning a big family bash in Martinique. So I’m staying put until then (and by staying put, I mean I’ll probably be in NYC or Montauk every other weekend until Christmas).



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