Beauty in the Details: Christopher Burch’s Beach House

This is Christopher Burch‘s beach house in Southampton, NY. Yes, Burch as in Tory Burch‘s ex-husband and co-founder of the iconic eponymous brand. Christopher Burch is also the man behind C.Wonder, so you can understand why he’s got style. In renovating his dream beach house, Burch achieved the perfect combination between classic elegance and spirited preppiness.

The only thing that makes this fun-loving 8-bedroom family house better than it already is, is the knowledge that it features unreleased furniture from the owner’s soon-to-launch furniture line, No. 9 Christopher – including this exquisite Klein Blue lacquered desk. Can we all agree we’ll be lining up at the door at the official opening?

While we all eagerly await the launch of Christopher Burch’s latest venture, we can try to emulate his signature style in our own homes: get a few tips on how to achieve it on Damask & Dentelle, or shop the look below.