Step Inside a Monochrome Scandinavian Apartment

Inside a Monochrome Scandinavian Apartment


Let’s get real: Do you like Scandinavian?

Because I kind of love it, at least in certain instances. I’m glad that my intern Christelle has a fashion-forward Scandinavian-meets-Victorian aesthetic, because it allows us to test different styles around here once in a while, that I may adopt on MyDomaine, but never on Savvy Home (at least until now). Take it away Christelle! And let us know what you think of the monochrome Scandinavian look in the comments below.


Inside a Monochrome Scandinavian Apartment

Inside a Monochrome Scandinavian Apartment

Inside a Monochrome Scandinavian Apartment

Inside a Monochrome Scandinavian Apartment

Inside a Monochrome Scandinavian Apartment

Inside a Monochrome Scandinavian Apartment

Scandinavian aesthetics are an endless source of inspiration, even for maximalist advocates like myself. There is something soothing about a monochromatic edited space to nest in during the long northern winters.

If a minimal decor will not always feel warm or homely, this luminous and crystalline home certainly defeats such presumptions. A rustic vibe definitely exudes from the clean lines as every piece of furniture seems to have been carefully handpicked, from the artisanal day-bed in the living room, wicker chairs, a macramé wall-hanging or cozy throws placed in every room.

Suspended elements such as lamp fixtures and a mobile add an airy feeling to the whole space, tying it together nicely. Subtle metallic accents elevate the boho-chicvibe—speaking of which, have you noticed the mismatched bedside tables, or the three-set coffee table? Such perfectly imperfect details add up to other endearing elements such as the off-centered frame in the bedroom, the sparse gallery walls, the piles of books left around or in-progress art crafting—and what is more fabulous than this black and white tile floor in the immense kitchen? What do you love the most about this Scandinavian home? 



Photos: Anders Bergstedt

Gab Loves: All in a Day’s Work

Gab Loves: All in a Day's Work

Isn’t that Crate & Barrel kitchen island adorable? My mind is spinning with small space décor tricks these days, as I zero in on my future NYC apartment. One thing is for sure: I’m going to have to get creative. I’m going to have to make compromises to what I will, and what I won’t accept to live with (or without). Living in tight quarters isn’t always easy, but it can also be a lesson in minimalism—to choose only to live with the bare essentials. Quality over quantity is going to have to become my mantra. Do you have any great tricks for saving space? Share them in the comments below.



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Step Inside A Colorful London Home

Step Inside A Colorful London Home by Ben Pentreath


My wonderful intern Christelle is back to keep you entertained while I’m away celebrating friends getting married in Mexico! This time, she’s gushing over a Ben Pentreath-designed London home that’s positively stunning. The girl sure likes her London homes! I can’t blame her—they all have this moody quirky timeless elegance that’s completely unique. Keep reading for Christelle’s take on the home.


Step Inside A Colorful London Home by Ben Pentreath

Step Inside A Colorful London Home by Ben Pentreath

Step Inside A Colorful London Home by Ben PentreathStep Inside A Colorful London Home by Ben Pentreath

Step Inside A Colorful London Home by Ben Pentreath

Step Inside A Colorful London Home by Ben Pentreath

Step Inside A Colorful London Home by Ben Pentreath

Ah, London! I only now realize that my obsession with English culture also translates in my interior design aesthetics. This Chelsea apartment, designed by renowned architect and interior designer Ben Pentreath, was designed as a haven for a couple.

The decor achieves a perfect balance between a traditional approach and modern inspiration. All furnished with victorian-inspired furniture, the opulent and large living space incorporates bold and bright colors. Offering plenty of seats, the room makes good use of the space with two separate lounging areas arranged with contrasted pastel-tone sofas, catching the eye with a selection of mismatched cozy cushions, using patterns and textures in a way that is not disruptive. I especially love the ochre ottoman used as a coffee table, of which the color is replicated on one of the pillows.

The multiple vibrant-hues on the lampshades as well as colourful bouquets add a playful element to the interior. The busy decor also features a curated edition of porcelain work on display, as well as abstract art paintings, adding a lively feel. The splash of colors counterbalance neutral wall colours, and grey floor-length curtains.

The entrance of the home makes a bold statement with vibrant plum-coloured walls and its massive accent table, while the bedroom uses a softer palette, with a spirited touch on the headboard art indicating his and her sides! Finally, my favourite room is certainly the dining room with its eclectic details: the striped carpets, the vintage-inspired framed pictures, the quirky twin table lamps and those divine emerald velvet-lined dining chairs. What is your favourite element of this home ?




Photos: Courtesy of Ben Pentreath

How To Pick a Rug For Any Space

How to Pick a Rug for Any Space



Choosing the right rug for your space can be a daunting task, because it’s a big purchase (both physically and figuratively), and it has the potential to really transform your space.

I’ve made enough mistakes along the way to know what to look for, and what to avoid when buying a rug online: I’ve bought too big, too thick, too thin, you name it. I’ve picked up invaluable along advice along the way to make sure I never make these mistakes again. With the help of World Market, I put together a few tips to follow to find the perfect fit, room by room.



All rugs are currently on sale at World Market during their Rug Caravan sale! Shop my picks below.


How to Pick a Rug for Your Living Room

Living Room

Ideally, you want every piece of furniture to fit on your living room rug, but always leave 6-12 inches from the walls. If finding a rug big enough is challenging, aim to have at least the front legs of your sofas and chairs on the rug to keep the space grounded. There’s nothing worse than a tiny postage stamp rug in the middle of the room. Choose a rug that’s soft underfoot and fluffy, especially if you enjoy sitting on the floor (I do).


How to Pick a Rug for Your Dining Room

Dining Room

As a general rule, a dining room rug should extend a minimum of 3ft from the edge of a dining table, so that all chairs can sit comfortably on the rug when in use. Choose a rug that’s resistant, as there will be a lot of chairs being pulled in and out. I love using vintage rugs that are already a little worn in the dining room, so that additional wear and tear goes unnoticed.


How to Pick a Rug for Your Bedroom


The whole point of a bedroom rug is to be soft underfoot when you get up in the morning, so make sure it extends at least 2-3 feet on each side of the bed. Bedside tables can generally rest on or off the rug, but not halfway in between. If your budget is limited, consider two smaller rugs on each side of the bed.


How to Pick a Rug for Your Bathroom


Bathmats are so boring—instead, try a vintage distressed rug, like a Kilim or Oushak to brighten up the space. I love using colorful or overdyed rugs in the bathroom—it’s a great way to add color in a space that’s often monochrome.


How to Pick a Rug for Your Kitchen


Pick a rug that’s easy to clean for your kitchen—that’s the most important. Again, I love using vintage rugs in a space with high traffic like the kitchen, so it feels less precious. If you have a narrow galley kitchen, a runner is a great way to elongate the space.


How to Pick a Rug for Your Entrance


If your hallway is wide enough to have furniture on both sides, center your rug in the middle. If all your furniture is pushed to one side, it’s okay to shift your runner to one side, even if it means it won’t be centered.


How to Pick a Rug for Your Home Office

Home Office

One important thing to consider when placing a rug in your home office, is to choose something that stays in place easily, as you’ll have a rolling desk chair on top of it. I love using rugs that are heavy so they stay put, but that are also very flat and thin. It makes rolling around easier.


Photos: Lesley Unruh, François Halard, Alicia Lund, Ryan Street & Associates, Sarah Dorio, Brittany AmbridgeJane BeilesStudio McGee.

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