Beauty in the Details: Kit Kemp’s Way with Color

I won’t lie, I’m pretty fixated on Kit Kemp‘s interiors and I might have squealed when I saw them again in Lonny this month. The famed decorator and hotelier of Firmdale Hotels has a way with pattern and color that boggles my mind. I love how her house feels elegant and classic yet laid-back and comfortable all at once. Her use of bold patterns and color is somewhat executed with restraint and order. 
Many people say the key to great interiors is repetition and I tend to agree with that. Even though Kemp’s living room is totally whacky, it makes sense because there is repetition in the fabrics, the stripes, the furniture, the lamps… Everything is balanced and repeated, allowing for the quirkiness to shine. The same restraint also makes the room feel bigger and brighter than it actually is (see my thoughts on that on Damask & Dentelle). If you like the look as much as I do, shop it below! 

Beauty in the Details: A Hamptons House that Flows

I have no idea who designed this how and when. All I know is that the house is located somewhere in the Hamptons and it was photographed by Jessica Antola. I also happen to know I’m utterly obsessed with it.

Whether it’s the over-scaled colorful mural framed in perfectly intricate moldings; or the mix of delicate antiques with casual and neutral furniture; it just works. In fact, it’s going straight into my future house inspiration file. I love how it feels youthful and grown up at the same time; and elegant but not stuffy.

I also love how the rooms flow from one to the other seamlessly. It reminded me of a Sarah Richardson episode, and inspired a post on the matter on Damask & Dentelle. Check it out, and shop the room below!

Beauty in the Details: Christopher Burch’s Beach House

This is Christopher Burch‘s beach house in Southampton, NY. Yes, Burch as in Tory Burch‘s ex-husband and co-founder of the iconic eponymous brand. Christopher Burch is also the man behind C.Wonder, so you can understand why he’s got style. In renovating his dream beach house, Burch achieved the perfect combination between classic elegance and spirited preppiness.

The only thing that makes this fun-loving 8-bedroom family house better than it already is, is the knowledge that it features unreleased furniture from the owner’s soon-to-launch furniture line, No. 9 Christopher – including this exquisite Klein Blue lacquered desk. Can we all agree we’ll be lining up at the door at the official opening?

While we all eagerly await the launch of Christopher Burch’s latest venture, we can try to emulate his signature style in our own homes: get a few tips on how to achieve it on Damask & Dentelle, or shop the look below.

Q&A with: Chip Brian of Design Development

Chip Brian, founder of the firm Design Development, is behind some of my favorite interiors, including the room above (among other great spaces) in partnership with my one of my favorite designers, Alexander Doherty
Located in an art deco building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side called the El Dorado, the apartment above was gutted and brought back to its original splendor (custom art deco millwork included) before getting Alexander’s magic touch for art, fabrics and furnishings. 
See, decorating is one thing, but you always need someone to lay the foundations right: the millwork, the floors, the kitchens and bathrooms… I mean, who wouldn’t love to have someone with such a great design sensibility as Chip as a contractor on a major home renovation? He even custom designed moldings and doors at his woodworking mill in Long Island City. I was delighted when Chip agreed to answer Savvy Home’s Q&A. Enjoy!

Oh to live on the Amalfi Coast… Now that’s an idea I could get behind.
Psst: Shop the El Dorado apartment below or check out my tips to achieve the look on Damask & Dentelle!