Have an Attic? Here’s What you Should Do With It

Have an Attic? Here's What you Should Do With It • Attic Design with Tamara Kaye Honey on @SavvyHome

“We let the house speak to us, taking advantage of dormers and nooks to create some magical spaces.”

—Tamara Kaye-Honey

Have an Attic? Here's What you Should Do With It • Attic Design with Tamara Kaye Honey on @SavvyHome

Have an Attic? Here's What you Should Do With It • Attic Design with Tamara Kaye Honey on @SavvyHome

Have an Attic? Here's What you Should Do With It • Attic Design with Tamara Kaye Honey on @SavvyHome


LA-based design darling Tamara Kaye-Honey knows a thing or two about the cozy glam aesthetic. Her Canadian upbringing shines through in the home she shares with her husband Ryan and their two children, Phia and Streak. After relocating to LA and living in a mid-century house, Kaye-Honey started craving the character of an older home—which eventually led her to this 1923 English Tudor.

The couple undertook two rounds of renovations over five years to achieve the desired outcome. Possibly the most impactful transformation was the attic that was turned into a master suite complete with offices, a media room and a den. The bath was a fortunate accident: “I actually bought the tub five years ago while shopping for a client, who wound up not needing it,” she remembers. “I had it delivered upstairs and placed it where it is today as a reminder of the future—it was my bathroom muse!” The result is a cozy chalet-style master suite with a Californian sensibility, a Canadian heart and plenty of faux fur.


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How to Design a Smarter Nursery

How to Design a Smarter Nursery • @SavvyHome

Just in time for the arrival of genetically #blessed baby Lively-Reynolds, here’s how to design a smarter nursery worthy of a little superstar.

How to Design a Smarter Nursery • @SavvyHome

Here’s the one universal truth about nursery décor: it’s temporary (that’s unless you’re planning on popping out babies like John & Kate plus 8). Within a few short years, you’ll find yourself redecorating to fit the needs of a growing toddler, so here are some tips to achieve the nursery of your dreams on a budget.

Step away from the baby section

While you’ll find essential items like swaddle blankets and changing pads in the nursery aisle, don’t be afraid to step away from the kids section for accessories like side tableslamps and decorative accessories. Forget the “blue for boy, pink for girl, yellow for unknown” mentality. Instead, mix whimsical patterns with more grown-up ones for a sophisticated look. Buy accessories that are versatile and can be repurposed later.

Keep your nursery clutter free

Don’t over accessorize: a few carefully selected vintage toys, books and stuffed animals can go a long way. Instead, invest in soft furnishings like rugs, throws and pillows that will instantly warm up the space and make it feel cosier. Boxes, trays and baskets are also your best friend: a quick easy fix to clutter.

Forego the nursery furniture

Ok, cribs are essential, but not all nursery furniture is. Instead of a changing table set, add a changing top on a dresser you love, or purchase a dressing table that transforms into a dresser, so it can adjust to your growing child’s changing needs. Don’t feel obligated to purchase a glider. A comfortable chair can work jut as well and you’ll get to repurpose it once your child has grown up.


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Images: Sharon MontroseAmber Interiors

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Decorating around a Madeline Weinrib Vintage Rug

The Ludlow Hotel Guest Room, Lower East Side, NYC — Decorating around a Madeline Weinrib Vintage Rug with Chairish on @SavvyHome

Chairish challenged me to create a room styleboard around a Madeline Weinrib vintage rug. Here’s what I came up with.

Ever since I stayed at the Ludlow Hotel I’ve been dreaming up a bedroom decor that embodies a similar boho-chic vibe (or as hotelier Sean MacPherson calls it: Trustafarian meets Miss Havisham—look it up). So when Chairish hit me up with a challenge to create a room decor around one of their vintage rugs, it was the perfect opportunity to experiment. I knew exactly what I wanted in the room: a four-poster spindle bed, crisp hotel bedding and a mix of exotic textures and textiles—dhurries, mod cloth, suzanis and lamb skin. This Madeline Weinrib hand-loomed rug was perfect to finish off the look. With a few modern elements and a black, blue and white palette, I brought to life my vision of a streamlined Ludlow-by-the-sea bedroom.

Here’s a few tips to consider when decorating around a vintage rug: pick out one to two tones from the rug, in this case the dark caviar color and creamy white, and repeat around the room in curtains, pillows and accents. You can also repeat patterns—for example the cross is also present on the dhurrie ottoman and the mod cloth pillow. More importantly, if your beloved vintage rug doesn’t come in the right size, fix the issue by layering an inexpensive natural rug underneath.


Lindsay Cowles Crepe de Chine FabricBelgian Linen Relaxed Roman ShadeAntique Suzani | Ralph Lauren Spectator White Paint | Lotem Eggshell Accent Table | Blue Dhurrie Ottoman | Jaipur Mirror

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