Breathe New Life Into your Kitchen in 3 Easy Steps

3 Ideas to Spice up your Kitchen • on @SavvyHome


Do you ever feel like breathing new life in your kitchen without giving it a full-blown remodel? Try these three simple kitchen update ideas.




Paint your cabinets

A fresh coat of paint in a bold color will go a long way on your shaker style cabinets. Consider a color in a slightly muddy tone that will complement your existing countertops. Upgrade your hardware while you’re at it and if you want to go the extra mile, a new backsplash can polish the look fairly easily.

Give open shelving a go

Your kitchen feels cluttered but you have no space to expand? Cut the crap: give your kitchen a good Spring-clean and get rid of everything you seldom use. Then, replace one wall of upper cabinets with open shelving. You’ll be surprised how many items in your kitchen can be donated or thrown out.

Streamline your accessorizing

Now that your kitchen feels new and you’ve boiled it down to the essentials, consider your accessorizing. Treat yourself to visually pleasing but useful items like a collection of cooking wooden spoons, mason jars filled with often used grains, well-designed bottles of gourmet olive oil of balsamic vinegar or a Le Creuset kettle. Everything else can be stored away.


Get the Look

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7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Next Renovations

7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Renovations • on @SavvyHome

Thinking of renovating this year? Here are the top kitchen trends to watch out for in 2015.


Waterfall Islands

Sounds romantic doesn’t it? No, we’re not talking about breathtaking getaway destinations, but the shape of your kitchen island. The sleek minimal look of waterfall islands is getting the internet’s vote of confidence over any other island style these days. It’s also perfect for tucking bar stools away.

7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Renovations: Waterfall Island • on @SavvyHome


White Marble Everywhere

While it’s not always financially possible (or practical) to cover every surface of your kitchen in white Calacatta marble, the look will inevitably add value to your kitchen. Trick your kitchen into looking more expensive (and trick your Insta followers with those avocado toast bird’s-eye-views) with marble cheese boards, a marble top breakfast table or other marble accessories.

7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Renovations: White Marble Everywhere • on @SavvyHome


Unexpected Accessories

While we love the convenience and comfort of a well-designed brand new kitchen, our boho hearts crave a bit of authentic charm. Maybe it’s a global chic vintage rug, unexpected artwork, vintage jars or farmhouse furniture… These small details will make your space look less generic and more personal.

7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Renovations: Vintage Accents • on @SavvyHome


The New Subway Tile

Subway tile with dark grout. We’ve all seen (perhaps too much) the classic white subway tile backsplash. But the new way to do subway tile in the kitchen is entire walls with a gritty dark grout for a more urban less polished look.

7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Renovations: Subway Tile • on @SavvyHome


Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are all the rage right now. they’ve made their way into our bathrooms (and into our hearts) but expect to see more and more in kitchens as well. You’ll find them on the floor, but also as a popular backsplash option.

7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Renovations: Patterned Tile • on @SavvyHome


Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style kitchen cabinets is the new timeless go-to choice. It’s just modern enough with a timeless appeal. Paint them the color of your choice (a popular one right now is moss green) and upgrade them with beautiful statement hardware. This trick will give even the most basic cabinets a polished tailored look.

7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Renovations: Shaker Style Cabinets • on @SavvyHome

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals: copper, nickel, brass or iron: you don’t have to choose anymore. Mix and match various metals with your faucets, pendant lamps, knobs and pulls, pots and pans or even bar stools. Metallic accents are the jewelry of your room and give it that extra high quality factor, and they’re all neutrals so mix away!

7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Renovations: Mixed Metals • on @SavvyHome

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