Under $50 Gifts for the Modern Host

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I’m all for bringing a bottle of wine at dinner—my mother always taught me never to show up empty handed. But since we bring wine at every dinner throughout the year, shouldn’t holiday dinners be extra special? Most hosts will go the extra mile to make a holiday dinner unforgettable, so it seems only fitting that we would follow suit with a great gift. Why not show up with a great bottle of olive oil, an ultra-luxe shower gel, or a great coffee table book? Here are a few of my favorite gifts for the host.


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Goop Enriching Face Oil ($110) | Normann Copenhagen Floe Tealight Holder ($18)

Gifts for the Renaissance Man

Gifts for Men — Holiday 2016


What gifts are you getting for the men in your life this year?


Gifts for Men — Holiday 2016

It’s my favorite time of the year again—gifting season! I’m kicking off gift guides with my favorite people to shop for this year—our favorite men. Maybe it’s because I get to do it so rarely, but I love shopping for men. Some people say they’re hard to buy for, I happen to think the opposite. There are so many fantastic well-designed products out there to fulfill any interest your guy (or dad or brother) might have—maybe they’re really into photography, cooking, traveling or coffee. The key is to know what makes them tick and find the absolute best accessory to help them realize their passion. And if all else fails, anything cashmere or a bottle of Terre d’Hermès will do the trick.


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Rok Manual Espresso Maker | Yuko Nishikawa Espresso Cup | Native Union Marble Apple Watch Dock | Daniel Wellington Dapper York Watch | Borge Mogensen Spanish Chair | Raden A22 Carry On | ASH NYC Arc Stool

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Before I sign off for a few days, I wanted to wish you the happiest of Christmases. As one of my clients suggested: it’s important to disconnect once in a while, so I will try to do just that between Christmas and New Years. I’m spending the holidays with some of my favorite people in the world this year, so disconnecting shouldn’t be too hard. I hope you’re also spending the holidays with your loved ones. Let’s all collectively try to disconnect and be present for the last few days of 2015 shall we?

Happy Holidays!


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What To Buy Me For Christmas

Savvy Home Gift Guide



It came to my attention recently that I’m difficult to buy gifts for. The conversation went something like this:

“You’re too savvy/particular about what you like!” she said.

To which I replied: “it’s not hard, everything I want is on my blog!”

“Yeah, but you said once that you don’t love everything that you post on your blog…”

“NOT TRUE!!! I LOVE every single product I post about (I really do). I just don’t necessarily NEED or expect to receive everything I post about (i.e. a lavish Globe Trotter suitcase, a dreamy Apparatus Studio chandelier, or boxers for men/beard oil). Sometimes, no matter how much I love something, I just don’t NEED another candle/vase/throw/etc, because I just don’t have space for it.”


“Doesn’t mean I don’t think those products are great for people who have the budget/use for them”.

Since I’m apparently so hard to buy for, here’s a list of things that I would definitely not be mad to see under the Christmas tree this year. I’m a size small/7.5. What do you wish to see under the Christmas tree?



Adam Hunter Marble STND iPhone DockTory Sport Performance Piqué Sleeveless Polo


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