The Joy of Giving: with Julie of Julip Made!

Julie of the blog Julip Made is a fantastic girl and well rounded person that I’m glad to call a friend in real life. She and I clicked from the very beginning. Maybe it’s that we were born only a few days apart, maybe it’s her undying love for my hometown of Montreal (and our bagels), all I know is that it took one bloody caesar on a rainy New York day to know that we would get along famously. Julie has a great eye, she’s super creative and she can cook or mix a cocktail like nobody’s business, which is why I’m thrilled to have her on the blog today!

Visit Julie’s beautiful blog Julip Made.

The Joy of Giving: with Jessica of The Aestate!

Jessica is the author behind the gorgeous interiors blog The Aestate. I just adore her bold aesthetic and witty sense of humour. Not only does she have a great eye for interiors, she’s also an über-talented watercolorist with a great Etsy shop. Can I spell Christmas presents? Now let’s see what we should find under her Christmas tree this year.

Visit Jessica’s beautiful blog The Aestate.

The Joy of Giving: with Jamie of Furbish Studio!

Jamie is the creative genius behind Furbish Studio and the blog iSuwannee. I just adore her quirky colorful aesthetic and personality. Not only does Jamie own one of the coolest interior design shops in North America, she’s also an incredibly talented designer, and she’s always sharing her latest favorites books, movies and music, which makes her blog the ultimate place for inspiration of any kind. It’s definitely a favorite of mine. 

1. Sally King Benedict Stripe 1 Painting | 2. Bunny Williams Brush Stroke Lamp | 3. Vince Leather Moto Jacket | 4. Emma Bridgewater Navy Splatter French Bowl | 5. California Design, 1930-1965 | 6. Hudson Shoes Etty Brown Boots | 7. Anthropologie Ditte Sofa | 8. Kilim Stair Runner

The Joy of Giving: with Erika of Radiant Repulic!

New England girls must really love Christmas because this is the third in a row for The Joy of Giving! Erika is the delightful lady behind Radiant Republic. I just love her classic but cheerful new england aesthetic with a southern twist, which is even brighter in person! Her blog is filled with interiors and style inspiration, not to mention delicious recipes. You should also follow her on Twitter, she’s a Twitter ninja.

Visit Erika’s beautiful blog Radiant Republic.