The Joy of Giving: With Lindsay of The Pursuit of Style!

Lindsay has a fantastic eye for the beautiful, the classic and the whimsy. That goes for interiors, her specialty, but also for fashion and beauty. The Cape Cod native curates the fantastic blog The Pursuit of Style, and I’m stoked to have her share her holiday traditions and gift picks today!

1. Tuckernuck Double Wrap Ostrich Watch | 2. Waylande Gregory Salt and Pepper Shakers | 3. Madewell City Storyteller Scarf | 4. The Laundress Candle Set | 5. J.Crew Crystal Color Statement Necklace | 6. Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington | 7. Peter Dunham Fig Leaf Fabric | 8. Furbish Studio Brown/Metallic Zebra Hide

Visit Lindsay’s stylish blog The Pursuit of Style.

The Joy of Giving: with Grace of Stripes and Sequins!

Grace is my go-to girl for everything fashion, baubles and beauty. I had the immense pleasure of meeting her in New York City last May – she gracefully invited Victoria and I to the Philharmonic Orchestra with her boyfriend, her sister Becca and Becca’s husband. The concert was phenomenal and we had a blast – Grace really is a super charming and down to earth gal. She’s extremely creative and gifted to boot. Which is why I’m over the moon to have her kickoff this holiday cheers series!

Visit Grace’s beautiful blog Stripes and Sequins.