Your Ultimate Summer Guide to a Seaside-Inspired NYC: Part 2

Grand Banks: Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome


Your ultimate guide to a seaside-inspired NYC just got 2x better!


Blame it on my appreciation for oysters, lobster rolls and rosé—but I seem to inexplicably be drawn to places that are inspired by the ocean no matter where I go. How else would I have rounded up two full lists of seaside-inspired spots in the heart of the concrete jungle? Because I just can’t help myself (and clearly neither can my friends), here are 5 new surfside-inspired spots to try in New York City, just in time for Fourth of July!


Hotel Hugo: Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome

Hotel Hugo

I loved staying with friends in NYC, but on my last trip I treated myself to a hotel room and got a great rate at Hotel Hugo through Hotelied. Have you tried it yet? Hotelied gives hotel discounts based on social media following and travel reward programs. You connect all your accounts and watch the discounts fly in!

Hotel Hugo is brand new; it’s nautical-inspired and located in SoHo (a walk to the West Village is a short 10 minutes). The rooftop has a gorgeous view overlooking the Hudson River (I had a pretty great view from my bedroom on the 17th floor too). My favorite details about Hotel Hugo were the monogrammed hotel bedding and the vertical gardens in the lobby and restaurants. If only I had a green thumb…

525 greenwich St, TriBeCa



Grand Banks

Grand Banks is the place that made me write a Part 2 to this seaside-inspired NYC guide. Why? Because it’s also set on a boat (see Part 1). This boat is a historic wooden schooner and it’s docked at Pier 25 in TriBeCa. It doesn’t sail away like The Water Table does, but it sure has a killer view of the city and the sunset over the Hudson.

I visited Grand Banks with Lauren and a few other friends after the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. After spending all day in the sun drinking rosé champagne, it’s safe to say we were #hangry. We tried not to get discouraged by the 2-hour wait to get a table and stood patiently in line, cracking jokes with the staff that we were about to order the entire menu (made up of delicious wild harvest oysters, a seasonal selection of small seafood plates and nautically inspired cocktails). That comment didn’t fall unto deaf ears because within minutes we were ushered to 5 prime seats at the bar with a full tasting menu in waiting.

The food was delicious. The sunset was magical. My tip: show up overdressed (grand hats and all) with a group of gals and order the entire menu (it’s not that big). You just might skip all the lines.

Pier 25, Hudson River Park, TriBeCa



Bar Sardine

loved this place. It has to be one of my new favorite spots in NYC. I had brunch there with Amy and Lauren the day after the Polo Classic. When it comes to NYC local gems, Amy knows where it’s at. Every time I hang out with her, she makes me discover a new spot that’s better than the last and Bar Sardine is no exception.

The vibe at Bar Sardine in the West Village is tropical beach bar meets all-american diner. The place is tiny, with only eight tables and bar seating all around. The cocktails are delicious and brunch appropriate (it’s one of the only places I found in the US who make a real Canadian Bloody Caesar). I’ve yet to try the Cold Brah, made of Colf Coffee, Rum, Amaretto and Combier but I bet it’s basically a better iced coffee. I ordered the smoked whitefish toast and it did not disappoint. Lauren’s benedict caesar and Amy’s fedora burger looked equally yummy. I can’t wait to go back and try everything else on the menu.

183 West 10th Street, West Village


Navy NYC: Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome

Navy NYC

Last week I stopped by Navy NYC in SoHo for a quick drink with Nathalie. Upon walking in, I immediately guessed that this place shared the same owners as Smith & Mills which I talked about last October (a little bit of research confirmed I was right). The place is tiny (like Smith & Mills). We sat at the bar and cracked jokes with the bartender who was serving us rosé out of a magnum bottle.

As you would guess from the name (and the fact that it’s featured on this guide), the place is nautical themed. I loved the blue and white tiles around the bar that were shaped like tiny waves and sailboats. The menu is (surprise-surprise) primarily seafood-based. I didn’t get to try the food but judging from the plates around me, it looked delicious. Their signature dish is an uni-butter toast which I obviously have to try. I will be back.

137 Sullivan St, SoHo


Mary's Fish Camp: Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome

Mary’s Fish Camp

Stepping into Mary’s Fish Camp is like walking right out of the West Village and into a New England seafood eatery. The décor is simple, not fussy. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The menu is extensive. I had anxiety choosing my meal just looking at how delicious everything looked. It brought me right back to the harbour-side eateries of my childhood summers in New Brunswick: fried clams, lobster rolls, Canadian steamers, oysters (with a “foodie twist” naturally).

The fried clam roll immediately caught my attention and did not disappoint. Amy had the lobster roll which looked perfectly authentic (and according to Grace, lobster roll connoisseur, it’s the best in NYC). We washed down our plates with a healthy dose of freshly squeezed lemonade.

64 Charles St, West Village


The question remains, when is Part 3 coming out? In the meantime, read Part 1.

Images c/o Hotel Hugo | Grand Banks |Bar Sardine | Navy NYC | Girl Crush LA

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2015 • on @SavvyHome



Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2015 • on @SavvyHome

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2015 • on @SavvyHomeVeuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2015 • on @SavvyHome

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2015 • on @SavvyHome

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2015 • on @SavvyHomeVeuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2015 • on @SavvyHome

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2015 • on @SavvyHome

The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic is a second to none event every summer; creating major FOMO across Instagram with its orange colored umbrellas, hunky polo players and bottles of Veuve Clicquot with no end in sight. I should know, I one the one having said FOMO last year… But not this year! I was so happy to be invited to attend this year’s #VCPoloClassic in the Rosé Garden with my gal Lauren and a few other bloggers… Let’s see what we got up to!

Well, essentially we got dressed up and drank rosé champagne. There was an endless supply of mini lobster rolls, so we dug in to those too. We sat on the lawn, watched the polo match unfold, stomped divots, played cornhole (turns out I have a hidden talent)… And we finally made it back on to the ferry: merry, slightly sunburned and decidedly beaming.

Grand Banks NYCGrand Banks NYC

Grand Banks NYC

Of course, we didn’t have enough rosé and lobster rolls, so we finished off the day at Grand Banks on the Hudson River—where we promptly ordered the entire food menu. We were clearly overdressed for the occasion because we skipped the two-hour line and were escorted straight to five prime seats at the back bar. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect way to end the day.

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2015 on @SavvyHome

What should you wear at the VC Polo Classic? The dress code of the day (among our group anyway) was white (dresses & shirts) and wicker. Grace dominated the wicker game with her elephant bag, but I was pretty delighted with mine too (stock your bag with sunscreen and battery packs). Oh and for stomping divots, flats are key. I went with a pair of Michael Kors platform sandals which were perfect. Straw hats and/or fascinators were also in order.


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Images via Amy Stone and my Instagram.

Your Ultimate Summer Guide to a Seaside-Inspired NYC

The Water Table: The Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome



My trip to NYC last weekend turned into a full-blown tour of all the nautical/seaside inspired establishments in New York’s five boroughs (although, to be fair, we only visited two boroughs). We did it all: from the most authentic (see Sunny’s) to the most outlandish (see ZZ’s Clam Bar) and everything in between.

Basically, it was my dream weekend. I discovered so many off-the-beaten-path gems, that of course I had to share my favorites with all of you. Get ready, because this post is a mouthful (literally).


Zz's Clam Bar: The Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome

ZZ’s Clam Bar

Let’s get one thing straight: ZZ’s instantly took the number one spot as my favorite restaurant/cocktail bar in the world. If that doesn’t convince you, let me explain the ways. From the street, you wouldn’t even know ZZ’s exists—other than the majordomo standing at the door and the mini ZZ neon sign in the window, it’s completely hidden. I should probably point out that you’ll need a reservation if you’re hoping to get in.

You walk in to ZZ’s in a tiny dimly lit space with 4 tables (four, it’s not a typo!) and two staff: one incredibly charming waitress who looks strangely like Kiesza, and one dapper bearded mixologist standing behind his extravagantly stocked cocktail station, looking straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. The décor: marble tables, pearl handle flatware, mahogany panelled bar, vintage wallpaper and turquoise tile. The space is decorated with oversized bird-of-paradise flower arrangements and mountains of seafood/fruit on display. Basically, if Steve Zissou and The Grand Budapest Hotel had a baby, it would look like ZZ’s Clam Bar.

Let’s go over what we ate and drank because you’ll want to try every single thing. First (and most notably), the uni toast was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Ever. We also tried the lobster ceviche, live seared scallops, a healthy dose of oysters and a fish crudo I forget the name of. Since ZZ’s is known for cocktails, we skipped the wine and indulged in libations fancifully named Sarsparilla, Smoke, Marsala, Iced Coffee, Coconut & Chai (among others, we didn’t hold back). The cocktails came out in flaming coconuts, gilded pineapples, nautical flasks… No presentation was too extravagant.

I could go on and on about this place, but you should try it for yourself. And after ZZ’s, if you can handle one more cocktail, you should head a few blocks south to The Ship, a nautical inspired cocktail bar, for a night cap.


ZZ’s Clam Bar — 169 Thompson St, Greenwich Village

The Ship 158 Lafayette St, SoHo


The Water Table: The Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome

The Water Table

This restaurant inspired this whole list. Why? Because it’s located on a refurbished WWII navy boat and it cruises the New York harbour on weekends at sunset. It serves a set menu of traditional New England fare (lobster mac’n’cheese and rosé anyone?). I’ll argue that in NYC, you can’t find a better activity for a balmy summer Sunday night.

The Water Table tugged at all the strings of my nautical-obsessed-off-the-beaten-path-tourist heart (that was a mouthful): a sunset cruise around the Brooklyn Bridge, Financial District and Statue of Liberty with a small but friendly bunch of locals (no tourists here! Except yours truly). It features a quaint nautical decor, good wine, and I’ll say it again: lobster mac’n’cheese. With Ruffle chips! No one other than my mother had ever served me lobster mac’n’cheese with Ruffle chips before. It was glorious.


The Water Table — Leaves from India St Pier, Greenpoint


Maison Premiere: The Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome

Maison Première

It’s five-‘clock somewhere and you’re feeling like a cocktail? Then head to happy hour at Maison Première in Williamsburg. The house specialty is oysters & absinthe, served in a France-meets-New Orleans setting. I should probably say that I’m not an absinthe connoisseur and this was my first taste at the concoction (because: when in Rome—or in this case—Paris-inspired Brooklyn). It was definitely particular (it tasted vaguely like Pernod) but it wasn’t as whacky as I had imagined (or seen in movies). I thankfully kept my composure. The vibe at Maison Première is quaint, fresh and delicious. My recommendation: sit at the u-shaped bar in the back and enjoy the impressive view of professional oyster shucking and seafood platter arranging.

While you’re in the area, make a point to drop in to Ramona for a cocktail, because 1. they’re delicious, and 2. the decor is pretty great too: a five-tier copper chandelier, a 35 foot long marble bar and herringbone Carrara marble floors (yes you read that right—get your Instagram ready). #ihavethisthingwithfloors


Maison Première 298 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

Ramona 113 Franklin St, Greenpoint


Red Hook Lobster Pound: The Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Channel your inner hipster and plan an entire day in Red Hook, because trust me, it will be worth your time. The Red Hook ferry is free on weekends and leaves from Pier 11 in Wall Street. Show up hungry and thirsty. Start your day with an iced latte at Black Flamingo.

Slowly make your way across the street to the Red Hook Lobster Pound for the best lobster rolls you’ll taste in, maybe ever. I loved the decor there: reclaimed whitewashed plank walls, painted brick, gray and white lacquered doors, rope wrapped columns, a wall of nautical flags. My recommendation: sit at the bar and order a classic lobster roll with sweet potato fries and a pint of Narragansett. Then, venture out on Van Brunt and stop in at Fort Defiance to admire their nautical decor and gilded chandeliers.

After a couple of drinks (keep it classy), head to Brooklyn Crab—or as I’ve come to refer to it: Brooklyn’s answer to the Sloppy Tuna or Cyril’s. Anyone who’s ever been to either of those bars in the East End will know what I mean. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s outdoors: it’s filled with picnic tables and all sorts of games: shuffle board, sandbags, mini golf or knock out—they’ve got you covered. All they’re missing is a ping pong table. My recommendation: have a Bloody Mary, sit in the sun or play a round of shuffle board. Try not to get sand thrown in your face by the children of over-relaxed Brooklynite parents. Have lazy drawn-out conversations about parenting styles.

After Brooklyn Crab, walk around the corner until you see an old green truck. Sunny’s is one of those establishments that looks like it hasn’t changed in forty years (but it must have, because it got destroyed in hurricane Sandy). It’s a sailor’s watering hole at it’s most authentic (or as authentic as it gets in hipster Brooklyn) and the oldest continually run bar on Brooklyn’s waterfront (it’s been around since the 1890s). The green truck parked in front probably hasn’t been moved since Sunny’s early days. My recommendation: sit at the bar and order a Dark & Stormy.


Red Hook Lobster Pound 284 Ban Brunt St, Red Hook

Black flamingo — 281 Van Brunt St, Red Hook

Fort Defiance 365 Van Brunt St, Red Hook

Brooklyn Crab 24 Reed St, Red Hook

Sunny’s 253 Conover St, Red Hook


Santina: The Best Seaside Inspired Restaurants NYC 2015 • on @SavvyHome


Last but certainly not least: Santina is the latest restaurant to come out of the Major Food Group (ZZ’s Clam Bar, Dirty French, Carbone). It’s located in the deep in the Meatpacking District beneath the High Line near the new Whitney Museum, making it the perfect venue for a Friday or Saturday night dinner. The fare is coastal Italian: calabrian tuna cecini, branzino crudo, shrimp zingara, lobster catalan… Of course, as with any other Major Food establishment, the cocktails are a must.

Santina is set in a Renzo Piano-designed glass house decorated with colorful murano glass chandeliers, white marble bars, cheery-hued hand painted ceramic tableware and more oversized bird-of-paradise arrangements (these Torrisi guys really love their birds-of-paradise)! Oh and fully grown trees: palms and orange trees mostly. Think 1960s Amalfi Coast chic transported in today’s Meatpacking District.

My prediction is that the greenhouse effect and colorful summery coastal vibe at Santina will make it a preferred destination come the dark days of winter, so get in while you can.


Santina 820 Washington St, Meatpacking District


Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, I just really really really love food (and cocktails), and trying new restaurants or hotels. Maybe I should have been a food critic. Or a travel writer. See all my favorite NYC addresses in the Savvy Home Directory.

Images c/o The Water Table — ZZ’s Clam Bar — Maison Première — Red Hook Lobster Pound — Santina.

One Room Challenge: The Reveal!

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome


It’s finally time for the reveal!!

Remember Week 1? I highly suggest you go back to the before pictures for a minute, because we’ve come a long way. To recap, I moved in to a much smaller apartment, with a lot of ill-fitted furniture from my old place. The space needed an overhaul—and it got one! My new space is much better fitted to my lifestyle (and general style). And now that summer is here, I can finally sit back and enjoy!


Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge on @SavvyHome

I had to learn the art of editing lately. Living in a small open space means that the slightest out-of-place item makes the entire room look messy! Because of this, when it came to making decor decisions, my eye was drawn to clean lines and a simple color palette.

I love that the space is small enough to completely transform with just a few pillows and a rug (remember week 4?). I also love the fact that my picture ledge allows me to switch the art around as I please. Since I like to be my own guinea pig when it comes to decorating, I love the versatility that this new place allows me to test out different looks and styles easily. This room is definitely very “me”—a little coastal, a little boho, a little modern and a little traditional. It’s a mix of items I’ve collected over the years, and some new ones thrown in the mix!

I can’t believe I was able to fit three rooms in one tiny space, but it worked! And believe it or not, it’s very functional! Ok, full disclosure: I’ve maybe had dinner at my bistro table once, but I love using it as library table, and use it to display books and flowers. My gals and I love sitting at the “bar”—those Bludot barstools are surprisingly comfortable! Everyone that has sat in them commented on their comfort. Of course, my favorite space remains the “living area” (a.k.a my sofa). Getting to sit back and relax after sitting at my desk for many hours is pure bliss.

I don’t mean to play favorites, but a piece I love in the room is Oomph X Savvy Home Tini Table—you might remember it from our collaboration last year. The fact that I had a say in the design of the piece makes it extra special. I’m thrilled to announce that Oomph has agreed to re-release the table for the One Room Challenge , and you guys get first dibs! Be quick though because they sold like hotcakes last year.

I won’t lie: it’s 12:16am and I’m not sure what my mental state is at this point: I’ve been styling, shooting and editing for the past 12 hours and I’m all bugged out. But we got here—and I’m thrilled with the result! I cannot wait to sit back and enjoy it… I hope you like it too! I spoke a lot about my process over the last few weeks, so you can re-read all about it below!


Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5



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Living Area Oomph X Savvy Home Tini Table (re-issued for a limited time for the One Room Challenge!) | Burlap Bench (similar) | Minted Sailboat and River Boat Prints c/o | West Elm Deep Picture Ledge c/o | Serena & Lily Braided Abaca Rug c/o | Bone Inlay Box (similar) | Mad et Len Candle | Hammered Metal Side Table (similar) | Le Labo Santal 26 Candle | Amy Poehler’s Yes Please | Loom Decor Roman Linen Shades c/o

Sofa from Beige Montreal (similar) | Fragments Identity Batik and Kuba Pillows c/o | Serena & Lily Brahms Throw in Surf c/o |  West Elm Mid-Century Floor Lamp c/o

Desk Area Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Frida Chair | West Elm Mini Mid-Century Desk c/o

“Sailboat” Bench Sailboat Frame belonged to my grandmother (similar) | Woven Leather Bench | J.McLaughlin Palm River Hat | Vanessa Bruno Bag

Kitchen Counter Allmodern Bludot Real Good Barstools in Copper c/o | Tory Burch x Dodie Thayer Canape Plates c/o | AESOP Hand Soap | Williams-Sonoma Napkins | Vintage Hublot Mirror (similar)

Dining Area Dresser from Beige Montreal (similar) | Schoolhouse Electric Caprice Lamp c/o | Vintage Ginger Jar (similar) | Serena & Lily Stafford Candlesticks | Jonathan Adler Muse Votive Candle | West Elm Waterscape Votives | Vintage Gold Mirror (similar) | Vintage Silver Tray (similar) | Wayfair Wishbone Chairs c/o | West Elm Reeve Bistro Table c/o | Far & Wide Collective African Basket c/o



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Photography, Styling & Interior Design by Gabrielle Savoie.