Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

London Home by Hackett Holland • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover


First impressions are everything, your entrance is no exception.

Get a head start on entertaining season by upgrading your foyer in five easy steps. It’s a quick project you can easily tackle on the first weekend of October, pumpkin spice latte in hand.


Mark D Sikes' Hollywood Home • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Choose a signature scent

The best way to get started is to tackle the easy stuff first. Choose a signature scent for your home and light a scented candle in your foyer 10 minutes before guests arrive. A new scent is an easy way to update your foyer for the season and it’s the easiest way to leave a good impression on your guests.


Tribeca Loft by Joanna Jones • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Set the mood

Good lighting is everything so make sure your entrance is covered in that department: a statement ceiling lamp, a pair or sconces or a simple table lamp should suffice. Installing dimmers on each light fixture is a quick way to create the perfect mood.


Eva Chen's Lucky Mag Office • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Keep clutter at bay

Making a list of every item you keep in your entrance is the best way to asses what your storage needs are: keys, mail, gloves and handbags should all have their dedicated spot. Have fun shopping for cute trays and baskets for each item on your list.


Michelle Smith's Sag Harbor cottage • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Brave the elements

With hurricane Joaquin on the horizon and winter looming, a few accessories can come in handy: a hat or coat rack, a boot tray and an umbrella stand. Making sure that each item you bring into your home has a dedicated space will dramatically reduce clutter in other parts of the house. Use a regular and wipeable tray to store your dirty boots. Invest in a pair of Wellies and a solid umbrella while you’re at it.


Lisa Sherry's Georgian Home • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Lessons in layering

Come winter, people need a space where they can sit down and comfortably put on their Sorel boots. And let’s be honest, you need a spot to throw your handbag when walking through the front door. Invest in a sturdy and stylish bench, and tuck it under your console to maximize space.

Once everything is in its place, add a few accessories. A runner in the hallway will create warmth and a sense of coziness in the space. Hanging or leaning art against the walls will create perfectly layered look.


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Setting Up your Own Coffee Station

How to Set Up your Very Own Coffee Station • via @SavvyHome

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Coffee stations are all the rage on Pinterest. Set up your own in 7 easy steps.

For most of us, making coffee is something we do every day (unless you’re lazy like me and prefer going to the local coffee shop). So it only makes sense to set up a handy coffee station to make your morning routine a little easier (and prettier). Carve out an hour in your weekend, and set up a pretty coffee station vignette.


That’s a given, you need a coffee machine. Choose the one that works for you: are you a diehard espresso aficionado, a fan of convenience (hello Nespresso) or just like your coffee plain, filtered and black, there’s a coffee machine for everyone.


Invest in a set of matching mugs/cups. Over the age of 25, you shouldn’t only have quirky/ironic mismatched mugs. Invest in a small set of classic cups that will last you a lifetime. I like cups with a saucer for their convenience.


Even if you know how you like your coffee, your guests might have other preferences. A french press is a great addition to your coffee station because it has so many versatile uses. Plus it looks great in a coffee station Insta.


Have a set of napkins handy. You never know when you’ll need them. I like using cocktail napkins with coffee as opposed to traditional dinner napkins.


Invest in a sugar & creamer set. It’s handy to have and it looks great. If you’re the Nespresso type, having a small dish for your coffee pods is also a great idea.


Keep small spoons in a cup or vessel. I personally like mixing vintage and new—like using a set of sterling silver spoons in a modern Tina Frey vessel.


Group everything in a pretty marble tray and everything will instantly fall in place. Voilà!


More coffee station essentials…

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Image via Mazen Studio

What’s on Your Vanity?

From perfume trays to ring holders, here are the vanity essentials that will keep your pampering station organized.



Whether you opt for a classic vanity, or a desk or desk version, look for a piece with drawers that will hold enough acrylic make-up organizers for all your beauty needs. That way you can keep your vanity vignette looking pretty. When it comes to mirrors, bigger is better. Hang it horizontally for more eye-level reflection.


Make sure you’re comfortable when sitting at your vanity with an upholstered stool or chair. If you’re repurposing a chair that isn’t comfortable enough, finish it with a faux fur pillow or sheepskin throw.


Lighting is key around the vanity. Opt for a space with as much natural light as possible. Hang pendants as low as possible and always have a light source at eye level. Nothing is more unflattering than overhead lighting when doing your make-up. Sconces or a table lamp are good options. Candlelight always casts a very flattering light, as long as you have alternative sources of lighting.


Displaying your perfume collection is the easiest way to add a dash of glam to your vanity—and sometimes, the serveware section is the perfect place to find the perfect tray. Opt for a sexy white marble tray (it’s technically a lazy susan so it rotates—bonus!) or a shimmery metal version. Arrange a single bloom like a peony in a vase for an extra cheap thrill.


From baskets and bowls to bottles and ring holders, you can never have too many containers to store and organize your baubles. Store oversized items like hair dryers, brushes and body lotion in bigger baskets. Arrange lipsticks or nail polish bottles in a bowl. Keep an array of ring holders, bottles and catch-alls for jewelry. Store cotton balls in jars and makeup brushes in cups.


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6 Easy Steps Towards a Complete Closet Makeover

A 6 Step Closet Makeover that will change your life — LA Closet Design for Jaime King on @SavvyHome

“An organized, luxurious closet is the ultimate fashion accessory.” —Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

A 6 Step Closet Makeover that will change your life — LA Closet Design for Jaime King on @SavvyHome

A 6 Step Closet Makeover that will change your life — LA Closet Design for Jaime King on @SavvyHome

A 6 Step Closet Makeover that will change your life — LA Closet Design for Jaime King on @SavvyHome

A 6 Step Closet Makeover that will change your life — LA Closet Design for Jaime King on @SavvyHome

A 6 Step Closet Makeover that will change your life — LA Closet Design for Jaime King on @SavvyHome

We can’t all be so lucky to have a closet like Jaime King. The actress hired closet-whisperer Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design to help with a complete wardrobe transformation. But if you follow Lisa’s 6-step guide to a complete closet makeover, you could be one step closer towards the closet of your dreams.


Purge your closet. If you want to go deep with this one, follow this closet detox cheat sheet. No pity here.


Take inventory. At this point you should only be left with items you truly love, but chances are there are also a few gaps to fill. Read up on wardrobe building and make a list of the pieces missing from your wardrobe. Then, write down every piece that will need a space in your closet. Don’t forget accessories likes shoes, necklaces and handbags.


Design based on your space and inventory. You already know precisely what needs to go in your closet—now you need to assess the space you have to work with. One of Lisa Adam’s key principles is to “designing so that you see every item in the closet at first glance”. Following this rule, how can you optimize your space? Are you using the full height and depth of your closet? Think outside the box (or in this case, the closet): use dressers as bedside tables, or install shoe shelves above your vanity like so to make the closet feel less cramped.


Determine materials/finishes/accessories/furniture pieces. Even the smallest of spaces can be optimized. Do you want to install new shelves? Perhaps wallpaper the back of your closet? Or maybe you want to update the hardware. Do you have space for a dresser or bench? How will you organize your shelves: think of baskets, drawer inserts, shelf dividers, hooks for jewelry and scarves. Lisa Adams also swears by Pliio—”dividers for folding t-shirts and keeping them organized in your drawers”.


Work up a lighting plan. A poorly lit closet is just as unpleasant as a disorganized one. We’re not necessarily talking about backlighting your shoe collection here—but assess what your overhead lighting situation is. Can you upgrade the fixture? Lighting at eye level make fore more flattering light—can you add sconces near your full-length mirror? Do you have a vanity area? Is it well lit? can you add a lamp or sconces?


Install your new closet! You’ve followed all the steps and you now have a clear vision for what your future closet will look like. So order the missing pieces, carve out a few hours in your weekend, and get to work. Once the transformation is complete, make sure you adopt a “one in, one out” strategy moving forward to keep everything under control.


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Closet design by Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design. See Jaime King’s full closet on Domaine Home.