Guest Post: Brighten’s My Day

Hi peeps! I’m redirecting you to Brighton’s blog this morning where I’m sharing the 9 things that brighten my day. Can you guess what they are?

Brighton is a sweet as pie Texan girl currently living in New Orleans. She loves fashion and typography, but she’s also a super smart CPA and a Stella & Dot stylist!

I love participating in this kind of series because it forces me to open up about my day-to-day life, something that I’ve come to realize I’m not particularly good at, and frankly I should do a little more. What do you think?

Off you go.



How To: Create a Layered and Lively Bed

Today I’m chucking a sickie (as the Australians would say) while I battle the mother of all colds while studying for not one, but three exams. How’s that for a happy holiday?

Good news is you can still read me over on Meg Biram‘s blog where I’m (conveniently) sharing tips on how to layer your bedding for a more lively and comfortable look. I only wish I had time to follow my own advice before getting sick!

Guest Post: Dreaming a Little with Alex of Bungalux

I’m very happy to have a great guest for you today: Alex Brunkhorst, founder of Bungalux, a destination for the best and most fabulous real estate. Alex is a savvy woman with a great personality and business sense.

I love Bungalux‘s concept because instead of sifting through thousands of ordinary listings, you go straight to the ones with a little “je ne sais quoi”. Of course, this also means (but is not exclusive to) dream homes. Which is why Alex is sharing her favorite dream homes with you today. Take it away Alex!

I was introduced to Gabrielle’s wonderful site months ago and asked her to do a guest editor article on dream homes for our site Bungalux. Gabrielle’s piece was one of our most well read ever, and we kept in contact ever since.

I was thrilled when Gabrielle suggested I write a guest post on Savvy Home about dream real estate. We’re quick to get home decorating advice from magazines, but let’s broaden our horizons: At any one time there are so many great houses on the market for sale. Even if we’ll never own them, it’s great to get design tips from homes styled by some of the most talented architects, designers, and tastemakers in the world.

Below are five mouth-watering homes on the market which have definitely made my inspiration board. And, of course, check out Bungalux for hundreds more.

In honor of Gabrielle, I was determined to find a house in Montreal to feature. To be sure, the most difficult task ended up choosing between all the fabulous houses, as Montreal has some of the most beautiful architecture around.

This has been one of my favorite houses since it went on the market. It’s designed by architect Rafael Vinoly and has one of the only indoor tennis courts I’ve seen at a personal residence. And the décor is really magazine-worthy.

Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better. I love this little Manhattan pied-a-terre. Take a look at how they use art as a real focal point.

Okay, we try not to be, but we’re all suckers for celebrity real estate. Hilary Swank’s house in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles just went on the market. With AD 100 architect Marc Appleton’s touches and all that Peter Dunham fabric throughout, I think it’s pretty special.

Whenever I get dreamy I look at this house in Lake Como and imagine reading on the spectacular veranda. And the living room is one of the most romantic I’ve seen. Wow.

Thank you for all this wonderful inspiration Alex, now we’ll all want tennis courts and houses in Lake Como!

Which one would you choose if you had to pick?

Guest Post: A Nursery Design for Kirsten Krason

I’m incredibly flattered to be guest posting today over on 6th Street Design School where I’m covering for Kirsten while she enjoys some well-deserved time off with her newborn bub. The theme  of the post was “dream nurseries” which is double the fun because it’s a nursery AND it involves no budget.

I’m sure Kirsten needs no introduction since her blog probably gets more traffic than JFK at Christmas but if you have been living under a rock, please stay a while and enjoy the cleverness of this decorating beauty.

Here’s a peek-a-boo of the room I designed, but you’ll have to hop over for the full thing and sources.

Oh and if you want to have your nursery (or any other room) designed by me, yep I do offer these services. Drop me a line, I’d love to help.