#MCM: Photographer Bjorn Iooss at Home In Montauk

#MCM: Photographer Bjorn Iooss at Home In Montauk on @SavvyHome

#MCM: Photographer Bjorn Iooss at Home In Montauk on @SavvyHome


“I like to hang out at the house at the weekend and read by the pool. It’s such a peaceful escape away from the city.”

—Bjorn Iooss


#MCM: Photographer Bjorn Iooss at Home In Montauk on @SavvyHome

Technically I’m a day late for #ManCrushMonday—but I doubt anyone will complain. Who couldn’t use a little eye-candy on a Tuesday?

I spotted this portrait of fashion photographer Bjorn Iooss at home in Montauk on Mr.Porter and I just had to share. I love reading about the real Montauk. The one that existed before the crowds, the status and before it became known as a party destination in the Hamptons. The way I remember it, there was no Surf Lodge or Ruschmeyer’s; no boozy afternoons at Sloppy Tuna or late nights at Memory Motel… Gurney’s was certainly not a hot spot.

His family house in Montauk seems to accommodate just the right type of laid-back comfort and low-key attitude that Montauk once was; sandy feet, lazy mornings and all. Bjorn shares the house with his parents; famous Sports Illustrated photographer Walter Iooss; his wife, painter Eva Iooss; and his brother Christopher, director of photography at Golf Digest. His neighbors: Julian Schnabel and celebrated photographer Bruce Weber. He spends his weekends surfing Ditch Plains, hitting local haunts like The Dock and Montauket, or reading poolside. I wouldn’t say no to those weekend plans.



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Photography by Mr Bill Gentle for Mr Porter.