Decorating with Books

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I love hanging at someone’s house, and flipping through their collection of coffee table books, don’t you? There’s a lot to find out about someone based on what coffee table books they choose to display. At my house, it’s mostly interiors (shocking, I know), art and cookbooks. Decorating with books is an easy way to give your home personality with little effort or money. Here are a few tips to follow when styling your coffee table books.


tricks to try

Stack them on your coffee table

Color code the books in a bookcase

Alternate between vertically and horizontally oriented

Use your dining room table as a library table when not in use

Tuck them underneath a bench or bedside table


One Kings Lane is having a major sale on coffee table books today! Flip through some of my favorites; some I’ve loved for years, and others I’m dying to buy.

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Image via Brittany Ambridge