• http://factor124.com/wp_blog Nancy

    I am in love with that second image, such a fun bright bedroom! Happy Weekend!

  • Christine DiCorcia

    That gate is gorgeous, and the boxwood trellis above it and surrounding the perimeter is pretty perfect! I love the idea of using trees or shrubs as a “natural fence”! They grow so much taller than a standard 6 ft. fence and block out noise, making the space really private. We lined our backyard with arborvitaes last year and they’ve already grown over a foot! I’m very anxious for them to grow to the height of these boxwoods!

  • http://savvyhome.wpengine.com/ Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    I agree, natural fences are the best! But I’ve grown one before and it takes for-everrrrr. I hope your grows quickly 🙂

  • viviana88

    Um, I think I need a big giraffe picture in my bedroom now! Beautiful images.