How to Design a Smarter Nursery

How to Design a Smarter Nursery • @SavvyHome

Just in time for the arrival of genetically #blessed baby Lively-Reynolds, here’s how to design a smarter nursery worthy of a little superstar.

How to Design a Smarter Nursery • @SavvyHome

Here’s the one universal truth about nursery décor: it’s temporary (that’s unless you’re planning on popping out babies like John & Kate plus 8). Within a few short years, you’ll find yourself redecorating to fit the needs of a growing toddler, so here are some tips to achieve the nursery of your dreams on a budget.

Step away from the baby section

While you’ll find essential items like swaddle blankets and changing pads in the nursery aisle, don’t be afraid to step away from the kids section for accessories like side tableslamps and decorative accessories. Forget the “blue for boy, pink for girl, yellow for unknown” mentality. Instead, mix whimsical patterns with more grown-up ones for a sophisticated look. Buy accessories that are versatile and can be repurposed later.

Keep your nursery clutter free

Don’t over accessorize: a few carefully selected vintage toys, books and stuffed animals can go a long way. Instead, invest in soft furnishings like rugs, throws and pillows that will instantly warm up the space and make it feel cosier. Boxes, trays and baskets are also your best friend: a quick easy fix to clutter.

Forego the nursery furniture

Ok, cribs are essential, but not all nursery furniture is. Instead of a changing table set, add a changing top on a dresser you love, or purchase a dressing table that transforms into a dresser, so it can adjust to your growing child’s changing needs. Don’t feel obligated to purchase a glider. A comfortable chair can work jut as well and you’ll get to repurpose it once your child has grown up.


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  • Natalie | Catalina Creative

    Love these gorgeous and clean nurseries!

    • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      Aren’t they great?? I definitely see a theme there… #DwellStudioCrib + #AnimalPrintShopArt

  • Emily May

    Great article, I love your advice to stay away from the baby section, I completely agree with that! That rug is just lovely, it works really well 🙂
    Emily xx

  • Anna E. Lee – ID

    These are great tips! My husband and I were on the topic of nurseries last night – he started listing some cool, boy-themed nurseries – the typical jungle-, dinosaur-, car-, themed rooms. I think he was just trying to give me a heart attack…

    • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      Hahahaha. I suppose all of these themes have a potential if executed well AND subtly, but 99% they go very very wrong.

  • Jaime

    I love the rug in this nursery! Could you share where to buy? TIA!