Essentials for: A Lazy Morning

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Essentials for a Lazy Sunday Morning

Feeling overworked or rundown? Carve out some time this weekend for some much needed personal TLC. After a couple of crazy busy weeks, the only thing on my mind right now is the prospect of a really lazy morning in bed where I will do my best to sleep in until at least 10am and stay in bed until noon.

I keep reminding my clients that great decor is about function first and looks second. Sure it’s fun (and important) to accessorize with art, books and tchotchkes – but fundamentally, your decor should serve the purpose of convenience. Accessible and adjustable lighting, multi-purpose bedside tables, a soft rug for cold mornings and assorted bedding for varying temperatures are a few of my tried and trusted bedroom essentials.

These essentials make each night (and lazy morning) that much more carefree and comfortable, so you can truly enjoy these few lazy hours cozied up with a good book. What are your lazy morning essentials?