How to Pick a Dresser for a Studio Apartment

Gabrielle Savoie's NYC Apartment on @SavvyHome

This week I got a new dresser and my NYC apartment is finally starting to feel like home. I’ve been busy trying to declutter, enjoy my summer, and get acquainted with this beautiful city. The truth is, I haven’t spent much time in my apartment—and by not much time, I mean I’ve used it as sleeping quarters more than anything else. But I do have a lot of stuff, so my number one priority was to get a dresser that would accommodate a lot of things—not just clothing, but also paperwork, beauty essentials, etc. My studio apartment is small—and I only have one (modest size) closet. The rest of my stuff is stored under my bed and into unused kitchen cupboards. I haven’t reached Carrie Bradshaw status yet by actually storing clothes in my oven—I do like to cook—but I do see the appeal.

So how does one go about choosing a dresser for a tiny space? For me, it was all about versatility. I loved the fact that this Blu Dot TV stand had both drawers and doors. I also loved the fact that the mesh door are perfect for storing electronics, should I choose to get a TV. Of course, the length fit perfectly in the space. To maximize storage inside, I studied the Marie Kondo folding technique. By folding properly and placing each category of clothing into its own boxed container, I was able to fit so much into the drawers. It also forced me to get rid of a lot of things I realistically didn’t need. So how do you pick your ideal dresser?


Consider the size

Make sure the size is as big as you need, while still fitting comfortably into the space: height, width, and depth. And always measure the clearance angles needed to get into your apartment for delivery.

Organize it before shopping

It helps to know precisely what needs to fit in your dresser before shopping for it—that way you know exactly how much storage you’ll need. Similarly, Marie Kondo recommends decluttering before shopping for storage.

Plan its use

Do you only need it to store clothes, or would you benefit from storage for paperwork and other items? Do you need jewelry drawers? Do you want an option that has built-in chargers (yes, it exists)! Consider your  various uses of the dresser, and shop for multifunctional options.

Love its style

It may seem obvious, but pick a dresser you love, and that will fit with the rest of your space. By that, I don’t mean pick an item from a set, but rather consider its shape, finish, and hardware. Do you love classic shapes? Tapered legs? Do you want it to stand out or blend in? In my case, I wanted the piece to blend into my white space, while still making a statement in its form. I loved the legs, the perforated door details, and the brass hardware. Notice that my bed right beside it is a completely different style black four poster frame—the clean lines of both pieces and the accents around it make them work together seamlessly.