Gifts for The Modern Jetsetter

Gift Guide for the Modern Jetsetter • Chriselle Lim on @SavvyHome


I know what you’re thinking: “but we barely just set back our clocks, and changed out of our Black Swan costumes“!

As a notorious last-minute gifter, I can tell you that shopping for Holiday gifts early (or at least planning them) is the key to feeling like a boss come Christmas (this applies to your professional life as well as gift-giving abilities as it turns out).

Which brings us to our first order of business: gifts for the Modern Jetsetter in your life. Why? Because we all have one: the one who’s clogging up our Instagram feed with pictures of perfectly edited packing flat-lays, airport uniforms, and passport holder + CN Traveler issue + designer carry-on shots. You know the ones: they carefully hides sensitive boarding pass information, while proudly displaying the “first class” annotation.

At any given moment, your favorite jet-setter is likely frolicking on the Amalfi coast, eating a burger at the Chiltern Firehouse, napping on the Orient Express, or taking a leisurely sail around BVI  #summerisastateofmind #wheretofindme. We love ’em, hate ’em, love to hate ’em.

Then, there’s also the travelers of the wiser generations (my parents) who travel sans #hashtag, Instagram, or even seemingly phones (“I turned it off because I was afraid of roaming!”, they exclaim). Yet they always come back with a diaporama of 3,000 unedited pictures for us all to enjoy (and we do, because a—we’re all secretly jealous, and b—the evening-long productions always involve free wine).

The single question to ask ourselves right now is: what to give these elusive worldly creatures, and more importantly: how to give it to them before they leave on Holiday break mid-November? Here’s a breakdown of my favorite jet set gifts, across all genders and generations.




Photo: Courtesy of Chriselle Lim.

  • Patricia

    I always feel like I have so much time for the holidays and then I end up running around town the day before Christmas 🙂 Woops. I’ve been wanting that aesop travel kit for myself for a while, looks so cute and I love their products!

    • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      Haha, you and me both! I gave my stepdad the AESOP travel kit one year, and he loved it so much he now asks me to get him big bottles of AESOP shampoo. It was a successful gift!

  • Andi Perullo de Ledesma

    UGH I want EVERYTHING! Love!!!

    • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      Judging from your latest blog post, you fit the bill perfectly for this gift guide 🙂

  • Danielle

    I tried to look up the “ELECTRONICS CASE: AKA MOBILE OFFICE” item because it looks AMAZING… but I think the link is broken. It directed me to what used to be a Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Leather Laptop Case… which seems to just be a plain black laptop sleeve case. Do you have any more info on the product that’s in the photo? Thank you! 🙂