Decorate your Home Like a Montauk Hotel

The Surf Lodge Hotel Montauk

The Surf Lodge Montauk Hotel Decor

The Surf Lodge Montauk Hotel Room

the Surf Lodge Montauk Hotel Restaurant Byron

The Ruschmeyer's Montauk Hotel Room

The Corw's Nest Inn Montauk Hotel Room

The Surf Lodge Montauk Hotel Deck


I started going to Montauk before I knew what it was all about. I discovered it about 10 years ago after watching Eternal of the Spotless Mind and deciding to give full meaning to the phrase “meet me in Montauk”. So I packed a few friends in my not-so-new first car and off we went to discover the Hamptons’ neighbourly surf town. We had one of these weekends so memorable that it ensured I returned almost every summer ever since.

Back then, there was no Surf Lodge, Ruschmeyer’s, Montauk Beach House and Crow’s Nest Inn… Or rather, the ones that were there didn’t quite have the same allure as they do today. These four Montauk hotels have redefined hospitality in the notorious Long Island beach locale in the past few years. Part sleep-away camp, part hipster hangout, part fisherman’s lair and part bohemian retreat, these establishments are understated, elegant and up-to-the-minute to please the most cutting edge and cosmopolitan crowds. I don’t know about you, but I’m due for a visit. See more of my Montauk hotel decor ideas.



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