One Room Challenge: Week No. 4

One Room Challenge: Week no. 4 • on @SavvyHome


Here’s a last look at the room before the major changes that happened this week!

It’s all coming together! This week, I received my dining chairs, new artrug, pillowsthrow. I know, I know… Many of you loved the Montauk rug—but the size was wrong. No matter where I shifted it in the space, it was either halfway under the sofa, or halfway under the dining table. Not sexy. I got this Serena & Lily braided rug and it visually separates the living from the dining areas and opens up the space. I love it. As for the Montauk rug, it’s securely stored until I can use it again. Here’s a last look at it for your viewing pleasure.


One Room Challenge: Week no. 4 • on @SavvyHome


In other news, I might have found an alternative bookcase (fingers crossed that it will ship in time) and I’m narrowing down on a desk lamp and chair. The office space is tricky because the desk barely has enough space for a lamp (so I’m looking at tiny lamps/sconces/floor lamp options). The chair needs to be comfortable for 8-10 hour work days, but it also needs to be “loungy” enough to use as extra seating for guests. I found the perfect option at Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams last week while borrowing items for my (secret) photoshoot, but the price tag gave me a mild heart attack, so I’m considering other options.

Let’s be real here: since I’m decorating on a budget, I’m working with a few temporary pieces. Right now I’m housesitting a girlfriend/old roommate’s sofa and dresser while she’s working in Calgary. While they might not have been my first pick, they’re neutral and they fit well enough in the space, which is allowing me to focus on everything else around—and it’s saving her storage costs (win, win). The offenders: a classic roll arm ivory sofa and a large dresser that I’m currently using as a credenza in the dining space (and providing much needed storage space). I also “borrowed” a large gilded mirror from my mom — it fits above the dresser really well, so for now it’s staying.

Finally, here’s what the to-do list looks like today. I’m hoping to tackle most remaining items in the next week, except the roman shades (which will arrive on May 1st, yay!) and the styling which will likely happen the day before the reveal (what can I say, I know myself).



Replace existing desk and find new desk chair

Order new bookshelf and sell the old one on Craigslist

Choose art for wall behind the desk

Assemble new counter stools

Hang mirror above dresser

Assemble new dining table and order new dining chairs

Replace the existing 9 x 12 rug with an 8 x 10 option

Install roman shades on all windows

Hang picture ledge and display art

Replace coffee table (maybe?)

Assemble floor lamp

Find a task lamp for the desk

Replace pillows and throws on the sofa

Accessorize and style

Tune in next week for the last sneak peek before the reveal!


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Images via @SavvyHome’s Instagram.