One Room Challenge: Week No. 5

Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge: Dresser with Bar and Schoolhouse Electric Lamp


It’s the last week before the reveal so we’re going close-ups only to keep the element of surprise!


Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge: sailboat oil painting and bench


I spent most of last week at a conference in Dallas so let’s be honest here: not much progress on the One Room Challenge front. At this point, I’m playing the waiting game… There’s nothing left to do except for praying that everything will arrive on time! So instead of worrying, let’s talk about the floor plan.

To say I had to get creative is the understatement of the year. Here are a few tricks I used to make my tiny space more functional.


Gabrielle Savoie's One Room Challenge Floor Plan


Double-Duty Living

I’m not a big TV person. In fact, I don’t even own a TV and I don’t plan on getting one anytime soon. Most of the time, I’m out doing things, or at home cooking, listening to music or reading books (who am I kidding, I’m reading blogs and mags).

That being said, I do like to binge watch the Mindy Project on Netflix on occasion. So I needed a space to do just that. I have the choice between watching Netflix 11″ Macbook or my 27″ iMac—and the decision is self explanatory. So I placed my sofa across from my desk. And the distance to screen size ratio is spot on.

My current coffee table (which I will replace one day) is a bench that used to be at the foot of my bed in my last apartment. In my new bedroom, I can barely walk around my bed, so the bench moved to the living room. Now I have space to kick my feet up at the end of the day. I call this “successful repurposing”.


Creating seating & storage

My desk chair, as I explained before, has to serve both the purpose of full-time office seating, and part time guest seating. So I picked a casual chair with decent back support.

The bookcase that will hopefully one day stand next to my desk will host anything from books and magazines, to entertaining essentials and office paperwork and supplies. All organized in pretty baskets and trays.


Dining for two

The dining “area” (if I dare call it that), sits two comfortably. The kitchen island has two bar stools which means I can have a few people over for cocktails, but really only 1-2 people over for a sit down dinner. When the table is not in use (which is always), I use it as a library table and stack piles of decor books on top.

The “buffet” is actually a dresser which houses all of my out of season clothes (shhh don’t tell)—but you’d never know since it’s topped with all things dining and drinking. The Schoolhouse Electric lamp on top is one of my favorite pieces.


Tune in next week for the reveal!



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Images via @SavvyHome’s Instagram.