Packing for the Hamptons

Solid and Striped Lookbook 2014 East Hamptons, on Savvy Home Blog

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.  ― Henry James


I’m the girl who gets guilt trips from taking time off. The one who’s answering emails in her hotel room in Mexico while her friends are sipping on margaritas by the pool. Call it the bane of the business owner’s existence— I can never really disconnect when I’m traveling. But I love to travel— to switch up my day-to-day and experience new places. It keeps me sane, relaxed(ish) and inspired.

Right now, quick getaways (with access to speedy WiFi) is my jam. If I can combine my vacation with a work trip— even better. So now that I’ve spent the last few days in New York taking meetings and visiting showrooms, I’m off to the Hamptons where I’ll be working poolside  and attempting to not check my emails every 3 minutes. On the disconnecting agenda: beach racquets, backgammon, good books, tennis and a little golf. After all, what’s summer for if not to enjoy a lazy afternoon or two?


Image source: Solid & Striped lookbook

  • amy stone

    This packing list is utter perfection. I am in love with that Zimmermann bikini, the pompom umbrella, and those Illestevas! Have so much fun, Gabrielle.

  • Kelly Christine

    Oh how I love this! Sunny yellow, blues and whites are such a happy combo.

  • Natalie | Catalina Creative

    Obsesses with this roundup!! Such perfect colors for summer and such perfect items to share!

  • Christine DiCorcia

    I have the worst time unplugging too; but when I do it always ends up for the better, returning relaxed and recharged. Enjoy your vaca – this list is fabulous!