Breathe New Life Into your Kitchen in 3 Easy Steps

3 Ideas to Spice up your Kitchen • on @SavvyHome


Do you ever feel like breathing new life in your kitchen without giving it a full-blown remodel? Try these three simple kitchen update ideas.




Paint your cabinets

A fresh coat of paint in a bold color will go a long way on your shaker style cabinets. Consider a color in a slightly muddy tone that will complement your existing countertops. Upgrade your hardware while you’re at it and if you want to go the extra mile, a new backsplash can polish the look fairly easily.

Give open shelving a go

Your kitchen feels cluttered but you have no space to expand? Cut the crap: give your kitchen a good Spring-clean and get rid of everything you seldom use. Then, replace one wall of upper cabinets with open shelving. You’ll be surprised how many items in your kitchen can be donated or thrown out.

Streamline your accessorizing

Now that your kitchen feels new and you’ve boiled it down to the essentials, consider your accessorizing. Treat yourself to visually pleasing but useful items like a collection of cooking wooden spoons, mason jars filled with often used grains, well-designed bottles of gourmet olive oil of balsamic vinegar or a Le Creuset kettle. Everything else can be stored away.


Get the Look

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Photography: Elizabeth Roberts.

  • Michelle

    I love shaker style cabinets. They are simple and classic.

  • Alexa~FurnishMyWay

    These tips are helpful, informative, and practical! Love the ideas– especially the ‘painting the cabinets’ idea. I think people tend to forget the transforming powers of paint. Great post!