The Weekender: 08.21.15

The Weekender: 08.21.15 • on @SavvyHome

Happy Friday from sunny Montauk (hopefully it’s sunny—I wrote this post ahead)! I’m spending the weekend in out East with Lauren and Sam. We’re soaking up the beach one last time before summer’s end. On the agenda: a beach day at Gurney’s, doing a crab boil with Surf Lodge chef Chris Rendell (so excited about this!) some sun, some rosé and not much else!

We’re staying at Crow’s Nest for the first time and I’m so excited! If Sean MacPherson’s other hotels is any indication (you know The Ludlow, The Marlton…all my favorites) it’s going to be exquisite. A Hotel Life describes it as “British Colony in Africa, by way of Morocco, meets Montauk”. It’s pretty spot-on actually. I’m already a huge fan of their restaurant and their rosé & a blanket Tuesdays (it was a thing last summer).

I remember the place before MacPherson put its magic spin on it. Crow’s Nest was a really dark and gloomy fisherman’s-lair-themed restaurant where you went to eat lobster wearing a plastic bib and drink bottomless Long Island iced teas. Now that I think about it, it really looked like a crow’s nest. Oh how times have changed… And I’m not mad about it.

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