The Weekender: 09.18.15

Lace up flats, Jess Kirby • The Weekender on @SavvyHome


When life hands you lemons, grab your closest friends and a bottle of Tequila and have a margarita party.


Keeping it real this week guys: it was one of those weeks… You know the type: when every single thing that can go wrong does. When it feels like despite working your butt off and doing everything right, you’re hitting a wall at every corner and you feel like your life is spiralling out of control a little bit. Ever have those?

From personal relationships, to major website issues (sorry if you saw anything funky this week—and thanks to the rockstar team of people that helped me, it’s all fixed now)—everything hit the fan. To top it off, I barely had running water at my apartment all week because of a main water pipe burst, I have to replace half of my furniture and I had to cancel my NYFW trip to deal with all this junk. And that’s not even half of it.

I believe that when shit hits the fan, it’s only to make you stronger for the future, to grow and learn to be thankful for what you do have: great friends, a supportive family, health…  I’ve thankfully managed to put out most of the fires thrown at me this week, and I even managed to plan a few fun things for the upcoming months so things are looking up!

In happier news, Project Meatpacking Glam is coming along swimmingly and I’m seriously obsessed with the design. I just cannot wait to see it all come to life in the next months.

I find that one of the most therapeutic thing to do when your own life is in the pits, is to focus on helping others. I’m attending the Wonder Ball tonight to benefit the St Mary’s Hospital Foundation. I feel really good about donating to this great cause (if you’re a Montreal-based reader, I encourage you to donate here).

The fact that the event includes a scotch tasting, an oyster bar and a grilled cheese food truck doesn’t suck either—everything a girl needs to feel good. Then, I’m off to the country house to hit the reset button in a major way.



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Image c/o Jess Kirby.