What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

We ladies are not the easiest to buy for—which is why I highly recommend treating yo’self this Valentine’s Day in order to actually get what you want. But if you’re the type to drop hints to your guy on what you might want to receive, here are a few suggestions. These would all be at the top of my list. What’s at the top of yours?



Lotuff Sling Backpack | Lux/Eros Lips Vase | Talula Monterey Bralette | Souda Gold Fin Coasters


Photo: Courtesy of J.Crew.

  • http://thechicdiary.com Diana Youn

    Great picks! Really loving that lamp <3


  • Susan

    I’m hoping for breakfast in bed!


  • Mrssword

    So many goodies! I ordered some Hanky Panky undies last night.. they are so comfy! That The Horse watch is absolutely beautiful, I wore mine today and i find myself checking the time more than necessary. And that Lux Eros lips vase is so so good, I received one for Christmas and it is such a statement piece. I hope to receive lots of love from my littles oh and maybe some Nike air max 90 sneakers in plum fog.. spring is coming.. right?!

  • Lucy Lees

    The Hanky Panky underwear look fantastic! Just what I’ve been after..”if” I had a boyfriend again, lingerie is always top of my list!!
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