What’s on Your Vanity?

From perfume trays to ring holders, here are the vanity essentials that will keep your pampering station organized.



Whether you opt for a classic vanity, or a desk or desk version, look for a piece with drawers that will hold enough acrylic make-up organizers for all your beauty needs. That way you can keep your vanity vignette looking pretty. When it comes to mirrors, bigger is better. Hang it horizontally for more eye-level reflection.


Make sure you’re comfortable when sitting at your vanity with an upholstered stool or chair. If you’re repurposing a chair that isn’t comfortable enough, finish it with a faux fur pillow or sheepskin throw.


Lighting is key around the vanity. Opt for a space with as much natural light as possible. Hang pendants as low as possible and always have a light source at eye level. Nothing is more unflattering than overhead lighting when doing your make-up. Sconces or a table lamp are good options. Candlelight always casts a very flattering light, as long as you have alternative sources of lighting.


Displaying your perfume collection is the easiest way to add a dash of glam to your vanity—and sometimes, the serveware section is the perfect place to find the perfect tray. Opt for a sexy white marble tray (it’s technically a lazy susan so it rotates—bonus!) or a shimmery metal version. Arrange a single bloom like a peony in a vase for an extra cheap thrill.


From baskets and bowls to bottles and ring holders, you can never have too many containers to store and organize your baubles. Store oversized items like hair dryers, brushes and body lotion in bigger baskets. Arrange lipsticks or nail polish bottles in a bowl. Keep an array of ring holders, bottles and catch-alls for jewelry. Store cotton balls in jars and makeup brushes in cups.


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Thanks World Market for supporting this post.

Image via Lonny.

  • GlamistaHome

    Oh, some lovely pieces. I think a nice signature perfume is a must, lipstick, nice jewelry and some flowers plus a candle finish up the decor. I would love to eventually have a space with beautiful crystal accessories, to make it 40’s Old Hollywood inspired space. I have been really addicted to World Market lately, buying anything from glass containers to carpets (as listed in my recent haul) Great picks!

    • http://savvyhome.wpengine.com/ Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      I agree, a perfume tray is an absolute must! Candles and flowers are a nice touch too. I’m so impressed with my findings at World Market, especially their prices! I love using items in different ways too (ie. a lazy susan as a perfume tray).

  • http://www.catalinacreative.com/ Natalie | Catalina Creative

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to have my own home one day so I can make it just as fabulous! That light is beautiful!

    • http://savvyhome.wpengine.com/ Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      Your house will be the bomb diggity. Impeccable taste alert!