Welcome January: Follow Through

Welcome January: Follow Through • on @SavvyHome

Instead of resolutions, each January I choose a word to guide me through the year. This year’s word is “follow-through”.

Welcome January: Follow Through • on @SavvyHome


Follow-through is a key component in the two sports I’m trying to improve this year. In golf and tennis, it’s “the part of a swing that happens after the ball is hit”. The key to a good follow through is that it will ensure that you’re sending the ball in the right direction every time. 

Similarly, following through in life ensures that you’re taking the necessary steps to go forward in the direction you’ve set your sights on—whether it’s reaching a career goal, moving overseas, landing a big contract or exercising regularly. I’m the girl with a million ideas, but keeping the momentum going to bring my ideas to fruition takes a level of consistency and discipline that I’m consistently trying to improve—whether it’s following through with a new business contact or following through a great idea or a commitment. Certain tools are lifesavers: (Todoist, IFTTT, Inbox). The rest is up to me.

In case you’re looking for a word yourself, here are a few words I brainstormed that didn’t quite make the cut: momentum, thoughtfulness, consistency, quality, network, discovery. What will your 2015 word be?


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