Welcoming February From my New Apartment!

Welcoming February from my New Apartment! — via @SavvyHome

I only have three boxes left to unpack! #teamgab

First blog post from the new apartment! Boxes are not fully unpacked (but almost!), art isn’t hung (neither are curtains!), deliveries haven’t all arrived. But I’m burning my favorite candle, listening to my  February tunes and sipping on my new Espresso Yourself tea and it’s finally starting to feel like home. The sunlight is beaming in here and it feels so nice! I’m loving living in Griffintown

I’ve been following the construction of the new building across the street like a soap opera. It’s crazy how fast buildings go up! Yesterday was the coldest day of the year. I’m not exaggerating—the wind was blowing so hard it was -36 degrees with the wind chill. We’re talking celsius here, but fahrenheit and celsius meet at -40 (so there’s a little fun fact for you). I couldn’t believe these construction workers were spending all day outside building this thing! Brave men I tell you.


Here are five random things I’ve learned since moving

Having a coffee shop in the West Elm next to my apartment has proven to be very dangerous for the wallet. So far I bought a bed (I’m obsessed with it), a couple of trays and the most adorable little succulents.

Less is more. I donated so many things when I moved and it feels great!

You can never have too much bathroom storage. It has changed my life.

Measure every closet/cupboard/drawer before going shopping for organizing systems.

I need to get a picture ledge (or two) to create a gallery wall à-la-Eva-Chen.

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge for Domino