Worthy Links: 07.03.14

Picking Market Flowers

Have I ever confessed my candle hoarding tendencies to y’all? It’s becoming a problem. My latest favorite is Ralph Lauren’s Joshua Tree. It smells of tobacco flower, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla and I swear it is heavenly and the perfect Spring scent. I bought it in Palm Beach last month: first, I went to the store, smelled it for a good 10 minutes, resisted and left. Then I went back a few days later and straight arrowed to the candle display and the nearest sales rep. It’s the best purchase I made while in Florida, even beating my new Calvin Klein bucket bag I got on super sale at Macy’s (although that was quite a score too). Happy weekend!

Get 20% off everything you love on Serena & Lily with the code GET20. I’m stocking up on basketsbedding and napkins!

Have you tried the Hemingway app? It improves your writing by making it bold and clear. I’m sold.

You guys, I’m obsessed with my new day cream. It feels like silk and smells like heaven.

What’s your Travoltified name? Mine is Gracie Suzzivan. #LOL

The snaps of this girl’s new home… #RenovationDelight

If I had a few hundreds to spare for a new wallet.

For a good laugh: the funniest of Fashion Week.

10 life lessons from Jenna Lyons. #LifeMentor

How to pick the freshest market flowers.

Who’s ready for a beach picnic?