Worthy Links: 31.01.14

This week I: saw a Jay Z concert (amazing), ate at Joe Beef again (best restaurant), witnessed a beautiful historical building burn down (so sad), went to the gym every single day (yay me!), finally replaced my optical glasses with a pair of tortoiseshell quilted Chanel glasses (smart and so hot). Overall, I’d consider it a pretty successful week (minus the burning buildings). Here’s to a great weekend. Have a good one!

Get 20% off all lighting on Furbish Studio with code #SHINEBRIGHT. I’ve got my eyes on this and this.

If you don’t have an ancient wood-paneled library in your home, this is a good consolation prize.

If these earbuds actually stay in place instead of slipping and falling out, I need a pair!

Would you buy a trailer park home for $4 million? I think I would…

This is making me look forward to being in Miami in 3 weeks!

How to apply concealer (hint – I’ve been doing it all wrong).

I need to find a good excuse to buy this dress. #obsessed

And then pair it with these sandals… #bringonsummer

Tilton Fenwick for Duralee. Brilliant. Enough said.
Lessons in love from Jay Z and Beyoncé.

Rita Konig’s guide to picture framing.

This look book is pretty amazing.

This commercial. #heartmelting