Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

London Home by Hackett Holland • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover


First impressions are everything, your entrance is no exception.

Get a head start on entertaining season by upgrading your foyer in five easy steps. It’s a quick project you can easily tackle on the first weekend of October, pumpkin spice latte in hand.


Mark D Sikes' Hollywood Home • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Choose a signature scent

The best way to get started is to tackle the easy stuff first. Choose a signature scent for your home and light a scented candle in your foyer 10 minutes before guests arrive. A new scent is an easy way to update your foyer for the season and it’s the easiest way to leave a good impression on your guests.


Tribeca Loft by Joanna Jones • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Set the mood

Good lighting is everything so make sure your entrance is covered in that department: a statement ceiling lamp, a pair or sconces or a simple table lamp should suffice. Installing dimmers on each light fixture is a quick way to create the perfect mood.


Eva Chen's Lucky Mag Office • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Keep clutter at bay

Making a list of every item you keep in your entrance is the best way to asses what your storage needs are: keys, mail, gloves and handbags should all have their dedicated spot. Have fun shopping for cute trays and baskets for each item on your list.


Michelle Smith's Sag Harbor cottage • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Brave the elements

With hurricane Joaquin on the horizon and winter looming, a few accessories can come in handy: a hat or coat rack, a boot tray and an umbrella stand. Making sure that each item you bring into your home has a dedicated space will dramatically reduce clutter in other parts of the house. Use a regular and wipeable tray to store your dirty boots. Invest in a pair of Wellies and a solid umbrella while you’re at it.


Lisa Sherry's Georgian Home • Make an Entrance: 5 Steps for a Fall Foyer Makeover

Lessons in layering

Come winter, people need a space where they can sit down and comfortably put on their Sorel boots. And let’s be honest, you need a spot to throw your handbag when walking through the front door. Invest in a sturdy and stylish bench, and tuck it under your console to maximize space.

Once everything is in its place, add a few accessories. A runner in the hallway will create warmth and a sense of coziness in the space. Hanging or leaning art against the walls will create perfectly layered look.


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  • Natalie at Catalina Creative

    I miss having a little entryway to dress up. Love these tips and the photos!

    • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      Me too actually! Unless you count my kitchen island as an entrance… Because that’s basically what I walk into haha.

  • Abigail Alice

    Stunning interior design inspo!

    • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      Thank you Abigail!

  • Pj Hart

    Crazy about the first entryway! I’m such a traditionalist, I would never think to put a bold, black and white striped rug over a rich brown hardwood floor. However, this totally works and is really eye-popping. I need to learn to get outside of my comfort zone a little more.

  • Elizabeth | Midgett Bardot

    That first picture is amazing. So we moved and we have a looong skinny hallway entrance and I have no clue what I’m going to do! This is some great inspiration though. xo

    • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      I’m sure whatever you do, it will end up looking amazing!

  • Cailíndeascrúitenambó Gaeilge

    Beautiful pieces adding a fab statement.