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Surfing culture is always something that has fascinated me. About 8 years ago, I gave surfing a try… My first experience was on a quiet beach in New Hampshire. The waves were smalls and my winters spent on a snowboard made me pick it up rather quickly… I got the surfing bug. I bought a wetsuit, a board and some wax, and started driving down to the beach as often as I could. When winter came, I bought a plane ticket to Australia to experience some real waves. I was getting pretty good, riding the waves of Byron Bay point. Then, one day at Tea Tree Cove in Noosa, I understood the full meaning of the power of the ocean—8ft waves and strong currents pushing me onto sharp rocks is not something I was prepared for.

So I’ll leave the hardcore surfing to the pros… And maybe venture out once in a while on a calm day. But I’ll never tire of watching surfers who have a passion for the ocean… Sandy salty hair, sun-kissed skin and nerves of steel. The Life Observed’s collection of surf prints takes me back to those days of carefree summer adventure.


Animal Hamper | Sun Bleached Turtle Shells | Adesso Peggy Desk Lamp | Made by Dawn Misty Blue Rib Petal Swimsuit |  The Life Observed Wave Rider Print | Hinge Felt Panama Hat | Tibi Ruffled Printed Silk Blend Camisole | J.Crew Crystal Studded Bracelet | Antique Rug Chair | Mint Correspondent Stowaway Case | Nicholas Kirkwood Beya Loafers | Susana Kilim Blue/White Rug

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  • Natalie at Catalina Creative

    Love this post and the photography from The Life Observed. I too am a big fan of surf culture. This roundup is too good!

  • Michelle

    I used to surf as a kid until injured my shoulder. My surfing days are over so now I stick with surf culture. This is a great roundup. I love that print and the rug is similar to a lighter version of mine. I am still lusting over the navy version of that luggage.

    • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

      Same! I’m just waiting on a good sale to bite the bullet on Correspondent luggage 🙂